Best Long-Distance Hiking Trails in Europe

Fall is a perfect season for a last-minute hiking trip. Here are the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe that you should check out.

Autumn is here, and while planning a beach holiday in Europe might not be a great option, there are plenty of beautiful long-distance hiking trails that you can explore instead. If you are longing for an adventure this season, check out some of the most beautiful and exciting long-distance hiking trails around the continent.


Kungsleden Trail, Sweden

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Kungsleden Trail is one of the most famous hiking routes in Northern Europe. Stretching over 440 km across Swedish Lapland, this hiking trail is perfect for those who love getting lost in the wilderness and spending a few days disconnected from the modern world. The name of the Kungsleden Trail directly translates to King’s Trail in English which describes the atmosphere of the trail. You will definitely feel like a king or queen of the land while crossing through beautiful areas of tundra, glaciers, and even mountains.

The trail itself is challenging due to its nature and your best chance of completing the trail comes with using ultralight gear. There are very few facilities on the way, this is why it is often tackled in four one-week-long sections. Also, because of the lack of facilities and unpredictable weather in that region, the trail isn’t recommended for beginners.


Tour du Mont Blanc, France, Italy, and Switzerland

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At the very top of every best hiking route in Europe list, you can probably find Tour du Mont Blanc trail. It is genuinely one of the most incredible hiking routes in the world that give you access to the beautiful Alps and the highest peak in Europe. The trail is 170km long and takes around 11 days to complete if a hiker walks between five to seven hours a day.

The trail spreads across three countries — France, Italy, and Switzerland — making it an attractive travel adventure. If you choose to hike Tour du Mont Black, you can expect to see the rugged yet breathtaking scenery of Europe’s biggest mountain range, including craggy mountain tops, stunning glaciers, and spectacular valleys. The trail is recommended for experienced hikers, thus you need good preparation prior to the hike, as well as appropriate gear for it.



West Highland Way, Scotland

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The West Highland Way is a stunning hiking trail that connects Milngavie and Fort Williams. With a distance of 154km, the West Highland Way takes about six to nine days to complete. The trail takes you through the beautiful Scottish Highlands allowing you to discover the country in a new light. During the hike, you can explore Loch Lomond, Rannoch Moor, and Glencoe landscapes, as well as Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Britain.

Unlike the Kungsladen Trail, the West Highland Way doesn’t stare too far away from the civilization making it a great way to experience the hospitality of Scottish people. On the way, you can stay between family-run B&Bs that are often located along the path, as well as take midday breaks at some of the Scottish pubs or small restaurants. This hike is perfect for those who just got into hiking but don’t want to stray too far away from the modern world.



Peaks of the Balkans: Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro

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Another long-distance hiking trail that takes you through the beautiful mountainous scenery is Peaks of the Balkans. Stretching along three Balkan countries — Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro — the trail comprises over 190 km and takes around 10 to 15 days to complete. The trail makes it easy to explore the Accursed Mountains and discover some of the most remote areas of the region. Tall peaks, lush valleys, alpine lakes, beautiful waterfalls, meadows, and dense forests are the key characteristics that distinguish this trail from the others.

The trail is more suited for experienced hikers who aren’t afraid of a challenge because of the high altitudes and technical terrain that requires the right gear and preparation. Reaching elevations up to 2300 meters above sea level, this trail is challenging yet incredibly rewarding for nature lovers. During the hike, you can stay at family-run guesthouses, mountain huts, or even wild camps if you are looking for an even more adventurous trip. For those who aren’t as experienced in hiking, you can take a few days-long guided tours.



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