7 Cities to Visit in Albania This Year

A list of the cities you can visit if you are thinking of going to Albania.

If there is one country that will never fail to amaze its tourists, it is Albania. In this article, I will give some reasons why you should visit Albania this year.
In addition to the capital Tirana and the cities protected by UNESCO, Albania carries unknown treasures, so we would suggest you include them in your travel itinerary. But which cities should be visited in Albania?




This 2000-year-old city has a lot to show, it is otherwise known as the city of ‘one on one windows.’ Berat is under the protection of UNESCO and if you are a person who wants adventure, you need to get a guesthouse and go to the castle of the city, from where you can enjoy more the view from the top of the castle which is amazing. Feel free to explore this beautiful city with many windows, its view will make you feel like you are living in a fairy tale.

Berat is famous for its delicious cuisine and dishes. The most consumed food that is never missing on the tables of the people of Berat is a pie with chickpeas, pie with chicken, pie of the casserole with cheese and eggs, dairy, etc.




In my opinion, Tirana is a very beautiful city. Its architecture, especially with the center built by Italians, has wide streets and long oaks along the road. Tirana has nightclubs that are among the best, where alcoholic beverages are not so expensive. During the summer when a large part of the population goes to the coast, it is more worthwhile to visit this city which is also the capital of Albania. Otherwise, during autumn and winter, Tirana is still overcrowded. There is a lot to do in Tirana, this city offers a lot for tourists, and is one of the places in Albania that must be visited.



A Daily Odyssey

When you are in Albania you will try Korca beer, but you can also visit the place where beer is produced. Korca as a city is built in a valley, from there you can climb mountains. Korca has an old architecture that carries with it many stories. Local sellers are very dear and will invite you to visit their shops, if you want to buy handmade silver jewelry, this is the place.



Andrew Mayovskyy

Saranda is one of the most beautiful cities in Albania. It is a coastal city, that can be compared to Monte Carlo. It is said that Saranda has the best sea. During the summer Saranda is overcrowded, and many people come to work during the summer season. Their food is extremely tasty, it is a mix of Italian-Greek-Albanian food. It is a city that offers 300 days of sun in the year, so you will be satisfied.



Ungvari Attila

Shkodra is simply magical. The architecture of this city is different from the rest of the country, you will find yourself back in time. The city is also known as the city of bicycles. From the castle, you will see the whole city in the palm of your hand. The food is quite diverse, from the traditional to the more modern ones.



Julian Peters Photography

With cobbled streets and a castle located at the top, Gjirokastra is worth visiting. The city is located in the south of Albania, and in 2005 was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a historic town and sits on the slopes of the Drini River valley, has magnificent scenery, and is bordered by high mountains.

It is also known as the city of stone and the thousand stairs. This city is characterized by Ottoman-style houses and it makes you feel like you are in the past. The city with its history has inspired many poets, singers, and writers.




It is a city near the capital of Albania, Tirana. Durres is a coastal city and has the largest port in Albania. This city is quite old, and one of the most important cities in this country. It has many cultural monuments, one of them being the Roman amphitheater. Nearby is a 9th-century church with mosaic-covered walls. The Archaeological Museum displays pieces from the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Apart from historical monuments, Durres is perfect for those who want to relax on the beach, which has sandy beaches, and endless restaurants with seafood that will never disappoint.


In recent years, Albania is being visited much more, the figures show that 5.6 million tourists visited Albania last year. This country is becoming more and more one of the most sought-after destinations in the Mediterranean. Everywhere you go you can hear English, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, French, etc. It is a very small place, for a few days you will be able to visit the whole country and you will love everything — starting from hospitality to comfort, pristine beaches, crystal clear seawater to historic cities, the food of this country, and most importantly the people of this country. Albania will make your trip unforgettable and fascinating, and trust me you will want to come back.


Photo: Andrew Mayovskyy/Shutterstock


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