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About Us


  • Youth Time Magazine is a platform run by young people and for young people around the globe. Our main purpose is to develop relevant content to help youth around the globe to direct their youth time towards social responsibility and service to the world.


  • The Magazine covers the stories of young successful entrepreneurs, useful skillsets for the career landscape of the 21st century, top universities, open calls for grants and competitions, volunteering opportunities as well as alternative perspectives on various topics.


  • We want to raise awareness of global issues and provide relevant information on where to find the answers for their solutions.


  • Our target audience is students, postgraduates, members of youth movements and organizations, young people who focus on success, and employers who are interested in young talented people. The majority of our readers are from 20 to 35 years old.


  • The magazine’s readership is spread world-wide, top countries where our readers are from: US, UK, Canada, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Czechia, Australia and Germany.




  • Youth Time International Movement published the very first issue of an international magazine of the same name back in October 2010. For the first two years, the magazine achieved significant results. From an obscure journal, it gained a devoted readership and found a niche in the media market. The circulation has risen more than 16 times (from 1,500 copies to 26,200).


  • In November 2014, Youth Time launched an online version of the magazine, creating a digital platform to inform young people about current issues and opportunities. It was a necessary move towards the modern media market in order to expand Youth Time’s audience and geography coverage, as well as to promote Youth Time activities online. The content of the print and online versions was created separately and managed by two different editors.


  • In summer 2016 the last issue of the print magazine was released. Since that time Youth Time focuses exclusively on the online version of the magazine.



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