How to Travel the World Without Traveling

Because who says travel can’t be a state of mind?

For some, travel is a safe space. If they’d been yelled at work or missed the bus to school then all they have to do to feel better is imagine themselves sipping fruity drinks on the beach of a secluded island or roaming the streets of a famous city. For others, the need to explore runs in their blood. They could be getting on a plane to return home, laptop out, already planning the next trip.

But what both those groups have to admit is while travel is consistently at the back of their minds, visiting the airport or hopping on a train might not be something they do as much as they want to. So, whether daydreaming about travel is your favorite pastime, or you’re just looking for any way to cure those post-trip blues, here are some ways you can travel the world without really traveling.


Consume Books and Movies

Consume Books and Movies
Vladimir Sukhachev

One way you can travel without literally leaving your couch is by reading and/ or watching media about travel. Because at the end of the day, aren’t books and films made to transport us into places we’ve never visited before?

Although nothing beats the feeling of finishing a novel on a quiet beach with the waves crashing in the distance, creating a similar atmosphere at home can be rather easy. Just grab that book you’ve been saving for your next travels, put on some relaxing music, and get to reading.

Now, if you really want to experience a new country or destination, then I suggest you put your explorer hat on and start a travel book recounting a person’s experience or deep dive into a place’s history. However, if reading isn’t really your scene, worry not as you can still experience a new city through films and television shows, their visuals usually incredibly beautiful.


Plan Your Next Trip

While for some, the idea of planning anything sounds like a punishment, deciding your next travel destination can definitely be a lot of fun. Now I will not lie to you, research will have to be done. But don’t imagine going through dusty books or lengthy research articles. Instead, your mediums for information can be exciting travel guides, YouTube videos, and documentaries.

Plan Your Next Trip

Planning could also take shape in making a list of all the places you want to visit, creating the playlists you want to hum along to as you explore hidden beaches, gathering the books you might want to take with you, or even visualizing your outfits with the help of a mighty Pinterest board.


Cook Your Way Through a New Country

Cook Your Way Through a New Country
Dragon Images

Isn’t it always the case that when you travel to a new place, you find the people around you recommending dishes you must try along with places you have to visit? That’s because another way we experience a new place is through food. For that reason, think of all the places you visited before and try recreating a dish that still gets your mouth watering.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not scour the internet for some new meals you’ve never heard of before and try making them in your own kitchen? Experiment with produce you never thought to buy or visit the international cuisine section at your supermarket and browse the shelves of a different country every week.


Learn a New Language 

Another way to immerse yourself in a new culture is by learning its language. Just think how cool you’ll be ordering food at a restaurant in the country’s native tongue, no longer a foreigner but more a local!

Learn a New Language 

However, when it comes to language learning, many fall into the trap of thinking that they will never be able to make the lessons they learn stick. Luckily the solution to that issue is quite simple; find a teaching method that you enjoy and will keep you engaged.

Some might be watching their favorite movies or television series in a different language. Others might find striking conversations with native speakers, either online or in-person, more effective. Experiment with different teaching methods until your daily language ‘lesson’ becomes something you look forward to in your day, not despise.


Final Thoughts

Humans are all born explorers with the need to wander and discover genetically built-in. But we frequently forget that traveling doesn’t only have to mean getting on a plane or boarding an overnight train. Traveling could also mean visiting a new art gallery in your hometown or exploring a district you’ve never been to before. You could also travel through experiences. Why not go through old photos and footage from a past trip and make a short home movie? Or you could start connecting with fellow travelers and live vicariously through their stories and experiences.

Just remember to keep your travel state of mind even if you are not physically traveling!


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