The Most Beautiful Small European Towns That You Need to Visit

From remote mountainous scenery to colorful seaside architecture, here are the most charming towns around Europe that you are going to love.

More often than not, travelers overlook small European towns and head to big cities such as London and Paris. While the big cities have a variety of attractions and even more historic monuments that can be visited, small towns can offer just as culturally and historically rich experiences as big ones. Just with a little more charm and less busy streets. Here are the most beautiful small towns in Europe that are worth your attention.


Visegrád, Hungary

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Located around an hour away from Budapest on a bend of the Danube River, the small town of  Visegrád was once an important royal place for the country. The main attraction of the town is the Upper Castle which back in the 15th century was the official residence of the Hungarian King. Today you can visit the castle and its exhibition which features original room designs, heraldry, and much more.

Aside from the historical value of Visegrád, the town is situated perfectly on the bend of the Danube, so you can enjoy incredible views of the river and the surrounding hills. You can reach the town by taking a river cruise or by taking a scenic train from the main train station in Budapest.


Ronda, Spain

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Located in the region of Andalusia, a land of pueblos blancos (which means ‘white towns’), Ronda is one of those towns that you definitely have seen at least once on your Instagram feed. The town deserves a special mention for its unique location because it is situated in the middle of the mountains on the edge of a 120-meter cliff.

Here you can admire the majestic views of the gorge below and cross one of the three bridges that connect both sides of the canyon. Ronda is also one of the oldest towns in Spain, as well as the birthplace of the modern Spanish bullfight.


Vernazza, Italy

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If you prefer more coastal locations, then you will want to visit Vernazza. Found near the Mediterranean Sea, Vernazza is one of the five villages in Cinque Terre National Park and possibly the most beautiful one of the famous five. The village dates back to the 11th century and encapsulates the genuine beauty of the rugged Ligurian coast.

If hiking around steep hills is not your thing, you can wander around traffic-free streets, explore the castle ruins, admire pastel-colored houses, spend time tasting delicious local cuisine or relaxing at the beach. One of the fun facts about Vernazza is that the village is surrounded by very steep olive groves that date back a few centuries and are believed to produce some of the finest olive oil in the whole of Italy.


Hallstatt, Austria

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The stunning Hallstatt is definitely among the top five most beautiful small towns in Europe. The magical beauty of the town comes from the breathtaking Dachstein mountains that tower Hallstatt and its charming architecture that has been recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage. The town can be reached by ferry as it is located on the western shore of Lake Hallstatt.

In the town, you can find churches that date back to the 12th century and look more like the drawings from fairytale books, as well as a beautiful market square, cozy restaurants, and even historic salt mines. The natural beauty and picturesque views the town offers make it a great day trip destination from Salzburg or even Vienna.


Flåm, Norway

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This is definitely one of the most beautiful cruise port towns on the entire continent. The small town of Flåm is compassed of brightly colored houses and steep Fjord mountains. Despite its small size, the town is anything but boring. Here you can find the world’s most scenic train ride which takes you through the most beautiful location of Nordic Fjords and its valleys.

Visiting Flåm will give you an opportunity to take on a variety of adventurous activities. You can take a Fjord cruise, join a fast-paced RIB tour on the UNESCO World Heritage Site Nærøyfjorden, discover an authentic Viking village, or get an exciting thrill sliding down Flåmsdalen on the longest Zipline in Northern Europe.



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