Why You Should Watch Anatomy of a Scandal and What It Teaches Us About Consent

In case you’re looking for a new, exciting and educative tv show on Netflix, check out Anatomy of a Scandal.

Anatomy of a Scandal premiered on Netflix in April 2022. Ever since then the number of people watching it and commenting on it has been large, especially because it triggers so many perspectives. Anatomy of a Scandal is a British anthology mini-drama series based on the book with the same title by Sarah Vaughan.  It is called ‘anatomy’ because it literally provides the anatomy of a long-time built system of power and privilege, from the perspective of a woman. 

The story’s main plot starts with parliamentary minister James Whitehouse, a happily married man with a loving family until a scandalous secret about him comes to light. James Whitehouse is part of an elite ‘boy’s club’, with an exquisitely refined network of people based on fraternities and bromances, built upon abuse of power, systematic rape, a chain of crimes, and misdemeanors — all of these, without ever being punished. In fact, the series brings to life how power relations like these among men are being rewarded for the ability to push all of the harm caused under a rug and occupy public important positions for decision-making processes.

On the other pole of the storyline, we have three women of different characters. However, they are somewhat similar to one another in terms of gender disadvantages, patriarchy, and the relics of abusive romanticism, which has shown them from time to time that the world is made for men, and that they are powerless when confronting authoritative male figures. 

The series is extremely engaging because it shows us exactly what access to legal and educational tools can mean for a human being — emphasizing wealth, contacts, networking, social advantages, and often granted legal immunity. They let us know that power relations go way deeper than you may think, and are reflected in the very institution of marriage, state, public authority as well as the media. 

Anatomy of a Scandal is a courtroom drama, where the audience is positioned alongside the two-sided jury, pressured to define right from wrong and to define the actual meaning of consent. 

The performances of Michelle Dockery (Kate Woodcroft), Naomi Scott (Olivia Lytton), Sienna Miller (Sophie Whitehouse), Rupert Friend (James Whitehouse), and Josette Simon (Angela Regan) are overwhelmingly powerful. Each of the actors has done a great job impersonating real-life figures — both patriarchal powerful men and vulnerable yet powerful women fighting with the abusive rotten system.

If you want to know what the verdict is, you will have to give this series a shot and check where your social circle stands after watching it with them. It is a great topic for discussion and an opportunity to further educate the masses.


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