Warrior Nun Is Back with A Vengeful Second Season

The Netflix hit series is back after a two-year break to deliver a second season with even more action.

After its successful first season released in early July of 2020 fans had to wait for over two years for the second season of Warrior Nun. Whether due to the pandemic or due to the writing taking longer than usual, there was a long period when fans didn’t even have a trailer to get excited about. Even though the show’s renewal was official one month after the first season came out, a second season seemed far away for so long. Well, the wait is over now, but the anxiety as to whether the world is going to get to see the third season beings.


The Story of Seasons 1 and 2

Based on the comic book titled “Warrior Nun Areala”, Warrior Nun focuses on Ava, an orphan who wakes up one day possessing the superpower of the Halo. She is now known as the Halo Bearer and must team up with a secret group of Nuns who are fighting off demons to save humanity from all kinds of supernatural creatures. Ava is played by Alba Baptista who does an incredible job in portraying both a person who’s thrown into this life-or-death situation and a young girl who is slowly learning about this whole new world she knew nothing about one day prior.

With a good mix of the supernatural and toned-down scenes of romance, comedy, and good characters to root for, the first season soared through Netflix’s rankings of most-watched shows when it was first released.

Now, after spending an entire season looking for and having found the much sought-after tomb in the Vatican, season 2 progresses the story seamlessly. The “angel” Adriel is released and he is now showing the world a new kind of leader to worship. He’s gathering followers from all around the world and shows no signs of stopping. The only hope for humanity remains the Halo Bearer; Ava who is still training alongside her love interest, the fierce Sister Beatrice, to prepare to face off against this so-called angel with the help of the Halo.

Through the many fighting sequences of all kinds, in particular involving nuns kicking everyone in the face, the show presents something fresh to a streaming platform that has become overstuffed with mediocrity. The second season showcases an undeniable improvement in most aspects, though it’s still not perfect. The CGI looks somehow even worse now, and while the dialogue is less cheesy, the acting is what saves it from making everyone cringe all the time.


Reception of Warrior Nun

The first season contains 10 episodes and it was generally well-received. Although some fans and critics had a little bit of a problem with the cheesy dialogue and the bad CGI, clearly there was enough good there for the show to warrant a second season.

Fans have so far responded better to this new season, with the last episode, in particular, delivering on some promises made early on. The second season only has 8 episodes total though so maybe that contributed to an easier binge and thus a more positive reception.

It remains to be seen if a third season will be announced by Netflix but as a two-season show so far, the story feels pretty well wrapped up. Certainly, there are still a lot of stories left and the ending of the last episode leaves many doors open. Fans will be pleased with this new season and many will be left wanting even more which is exactly the goal of every show.

You can catch this original Netflix series streaming its two seasons on the streaming service now.



Photo: Netflix


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