Which Ones Are Better? – Original Movies And Their Remakes

Some movie topics are so appealing that the producers eventually come with a remake. Today we have picked a few movies out of which some became a real phenomenon.

The List of Movies and Their Remakes


King Kong (1933 and 2005)

The story of King Kong really had more than just one remake. We picked the two that we found most interesting.

While the newest one is filled with special effects and the first impression is that it’s better, I cannot resist saying that given the expectation of the audience those days, the original version must have had a much greater impact.


The Italian Job (1969 and 2003)

For the lovers of speed this film is a delight. Not only do you enjoy the cars or boat racing through the narrow streets of Italian towns but the rush of adrenaline is worth it.

In 1969 it was Turin and in 2003 the producers chose Venice. The topic is the same. Stealing an enormous amount of gold. Absolutely worth watching.


Alice in Wonderland (1951 and 2010)

While the first one was an animated film mainly targeted at children the second one with real actors had a much wider reach since both, children and adults loved it.


Arthur (1981 and 2011)

And finally Arthur. A comedy about a rich spoiled brat whose life supposedly is perfectly planned by his family. Nonetheless, his life is actually one uncontrolled party full of booze and troubles.

And then there is his personal companion, Hobson. The variation in the 2011 version is a full time nanny played by Helen Mirren whose humour is not lost on anyone.

More about movies and their remakes you can read it here.

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