Martina Advaney

Gemstones From Brazil

While diamonds are still mined in the country, this mineral rich nation continues to be flush with emeralds, topaz, amethyst, emetrine, citrine, tourmaline and opal among many other natural gemstones.

Natural Wonders In Chile

Chile, one of the most beautiful countries in South America, has many landscapes and natural landmarks everyone should visit!

Clocking In At Work

The pandemic has caused many to switch to a home office environment. How will that impact the future of work?

The Best Cities In Eurasia

Let’s explore the best cities in each of the countries bordering Asia and Europe: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey.

An Underdog in Wine Production— Australia

When traveling to Australia in search of amazing landscapes, you'd be surprised by the amount of wine production and vineyards along the coast. Let's take a deep-dive into Aussie wine.