The Pressure of not Reading Enough in The Modern World

Technological devices are taking a toll out of us. The free time we used to have, is often spent scrolling through social media, and we’re left anticipating a good book on a comfy couch. How do we balance these feelings?

I’ve been trying to set some time aside for reading, for so many months now. Every Monday, I keep saying to myself that this is the last hectic week I will have for a while, and then finally I will be able to read. The thought of curling up in my bed, with a cup of coffee and preferably with some rain sounds on the background feels sublime. 

Then what happens? The other week comes, same as my previous one. Work keeps coming up and tasks keep being added on my list, and the voice in the back of my head says: You’re not reading as much as you used to. Constantly! So the last time I had this voice in my head, I decided to reply back and say: Hey, wait a minute. Define reading! 

Given the old times where we relied on information that was written on books, nowadays, the information has been transferred into blogs, articles, news, and posts. I’m not saying all of these categories involve readable information or attractive content that can educate us. However, neither did ALL books. We all had experiences when we would start reading a random book, and we would be left wondering what is it with all that mess represented through words?


What I am trying to say is that we read a whole lot, now, in the (post) modern area. I can’t even begin to think the number of articles I read per day. I follow so many blogs, with content of my interest, which are absolutely helpful and which can manage to change my perspective on things. 

And when I calculated this, my anxiety eased. I finally admitted that I AM reading, on a daily basis, I’m just not reading that much out of a book anymore. And it is ok.


Here are a few other suggestions for things you can do, to ease the anxiety of not reading.


Listen to a Podcast

You can’t find time to sit down and read for a little while? Than download your favorite podcasts and listen to them on your way home, while doing your chores, when taking a bath, or while running. You can do two things at the same time, enjoy what you’re listening to and gain new insights on the things that are important to you. Isn’t that amazing?


Follow Blogs and Web-sites that comply with your interests

If there’s one thing I’ve been grateful to Facebook lately, is that we are now able to unfollow some people, while still being friends with them. To be frank, I have become quite selective of the content I want to see first in my news feed, as I see how it relates to my well-being directly. That is why I follow many blogs that share insights on spirituality, well-being, life and the seeking of balance between our private and professional achievements. 


Listen to Audio-books

Although I do not personally do this, I have heard people say that audio books are very helpful to them, especially to people with hectic schedules and busy lives. They say it feels like you’re listening to a podcast, but instead, you’re ‘being read’ a book by someone. Try it and see if it’s the right solution for you as well. 


Try to read before bed

Although the days are sometimes extremely long, and we can’t wait to simply go to bed – we end up going to bed and scrolling through social media instead. I would strongly encourage you to try and diminish this habit. When I want to go to bed, I turn off my Wi-Fi, and I grab a book that I usually leave by my bed. I strive for at minimum 25-30 pages for night. I can’t begin to say, how this has changed even the quality of my sleep, but also the level of tranquility I feel when falling asleep after reading.


Do not rush the reading!

Do not give tight schedules to yourself. You have so many deadlines already, finishing a book on a certain timeframe shouldn’t be one of them. Reading is supposed to be calming, fun and it is supposed to provide you with knowledge. Knowledge can’t be gained, if you’re reading the book to only ‘get it over with’ so you can mark a tick in the box. Take your time! If you have to return to the same page several times – do so! Stop and write what impressed you, what line related to your point of views the most, reflect on the book and you will memorize it even better. Try to truly enjoy having no limitations and no rush to go through the pages. You’ll see how life-changing this decision can be, especially if you’re a book worm (like myself).

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