The Circle on Netflix is Reality Fun

One of the most fun reality shows of recent times is back with a new season on Netflix.

The Circle US is back with season four on Netflix. The first four episodes of the new season are now available and each week four new episodes will be released until the finale on the 13th episode. Make sure to get acquainted with these new ‘characters’ as they try to either lie their way to victory or perhaps just be themselves all the way and see where that takes them.


What Is The Circle

This incredibly fun reality show is based around social media and the online world. The contestants take part in catfishing a lot while at times some choose to just appear as themselves. It’s impossible to tell who is being real and who is catfishing though which is where the fun is at. As a contestant, you could be talking to a 65-year-old retired army veteran on the show but in reality behind that profile is a young 21-year-old woman whose only goal is to win the show.

So, the premise is that players each move into their own apartments and don’t ever get to see each other in person while the game is going on. They are completely isolated from the outside world as well. They communicate with each other through the online world that’s provided to them by the show. They have to read context clues to figure out who is lying, who is being honest, and who is a true friend. Some people are only in it for the money, which is fair because it is a game after all, but some are also in it to make friends or even to find love.

They all get to rank each other constantly and the ‘super influencers’ often get to choose who to eliminate from the show. That eliminated player then gets to visit ONE other player and they get to meet face-to-face. Moreover, the eliminated player also leaves a cryptic message to everyone that usually stirs the pot up a bit. This goes all the way to the finale when the finalists rank each other one last time, they all meet up, and the winner is then announced. For the first three seasons, the winning price was $100.000 dollars which is more than enough to be life-changing for almost anyone.


Why You Should Watch It

If you like to watch reality shows with people that aren’t unbearably annoying or too self-indulgent, then this is the show for you. Not everyone is nice all the time but interestingly in this show, despite the catfishes and the occasional confrontations, the people seem quite nice to each other. There is a lot of fun in watching self-proclaimed hot people tricking each other into falling in love with them in most other reality shows like Love Island or The Bachelor, but this show is something fresh.

The cast of characters on this season seems diverse as usual. There’s no one type of person across the rooms that’s for sure. Often, you’ll get old people portraying young people, queer people playing straight to get ahead, men catfishing as hot women, and women catfishing everyone with a profile of their male partners. Everything and anything works when you’re in the Circle. The show is a lot of fun and Michelle Buteau is hilarious in hosting it.

With The Circle already renewed for a fifth season as well, make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun that the first three seasons brought, and now the fourth is bringing too.


Photo: Vantage_DS/Shutterstock


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