Public Toilets? Not Even Close – Places Where Lurks The Most Bacteria And What Are The Solutions

Yes, it’s true that too much hand washing causes us to reduce our immunity due to loss of good bacteria that protects us. Compulsive hand washers tend to fall sick more often, most especially during Autumn, Winter and Spring. At the same time, following some basic rules with the bacteria causing areas in our homes and offices is recommended.

Shower heads

These nice contraptions meant for the pleasure of good showers that help us clean up nicely, develop a lot of gunk over time. The bacteria that flows into the water that helps us clean up our skin contains horrendous amounts of germs which are most especially bad for our lungs but not just the lungs. If possible dismantle the shower head wash and wipe to the insides to get rid of the slime and soak in vinegar for a couple of hours. If your shower head is built in a way that it cannot be disassembled, just soak it in vinegar for a few hours and reattach to the hose. Do this every two months or thereabouts. 


The filters at the outlet trap a fair amount of slime. Using a normal wrench unscrew the filter wash and clean, soak in vinegar and reattach. Do this every couple of months. 


Before that nice relaxing dip with fragrant candles and bubble salts clean up that tub with a good disinfectant. 

The Kitchen Sink

This according to experts is more contaminated than even the toilet bowl. The food particles that are rinsed out are a breeding ground for the most dangerous bacteria including E. coli and salmonella. Using bleach clean the sink and the drain often. Preferably once or twice a week. Bleach the bathroom sink the bathtub drain at least once a week. 


Way back in the 1970’s it was established that toothbrushes must not just be rinsed but washed thoroughly with toothpaste every once in a while. They trap bacteria not only from our mouths but also from the surrounding air. 

The Toilet

With each flush the toilet sends out a cloud of bacteria which takes a couple of hours to settle on the surfaces in the neighbouring areas. Apart from cleaning the toilet regularly, remember to flush with the toilet lid down. 

The Dining Table

After each meal clear up the crumbs and using a mild disinfectant clean that table top and wipe dry. 

Water, Wine and Other Glasses

Always keep them right side up. Kept upside down they trap and multiply bacteria. 

Remote Controls

Handled by everyone at home with clean and unclean hands, they must be cleaned each time you do the dusting of your home. 

The Dish Scrubber and All Other Scrubbers

Now these are one of the dirtiest and bacteria infested things at home. Replace often. 


Mice and keyboards on shared computers, the handles of the coffee mugs and coffee maker, the copier buttons and the other usual places such as the toilets, flush handles and so on. 

Just keep your homes and offices clean without getting obsessive.

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