6 Fun and Easy Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Are you starting over on social media or simply trying to establish your online presence? You likely want to know how to increase your Instagram following.

Utilizing bots or purchasing followers are techniques that could increase your follower count temporarily, but they won’t help you in the long run. Only actual users interested in and interacting with your brand can be considered worthwhile Instagram followers.

Here are six fun and easy ways to get more Instagram followers organically.


1. Make Daily Posts

Posting frequently is one of the most straightforward strategies to gain more social media followers. How frequently should you post on Instagram, then? The typical rule is at least once a day. Going overboard might overload viewers or cause you to lose face, which is terrible in the online world.

For instance, if you’re a photo studio owner, your post may read, “We are going on a field trip to Hollywood Boulevard today! If you see us, please say hello!”


2. Use Appropriate Hashtags

Your objective on Instagram should be to regularly engage your present audience while also gaining more actual followers. The first criterion will be met by posting fresh, intriguing, and engaging images; however, hashtagging your images is crucial if you want to start expanding.

Using hashtags makes it simple for users to locate your photographs when looking for particular phrases.

What hashtags should you use? Users on Instagram favor some hashtags over others, much like on Twitter and other social media platforms. Utilizing popular Instagram hashtags increases your chances of being found and reaching new people.


3. Use appropriate filters

In addition to keyword hashtags, certain picture filters receive better feedback from the Instagram community than others. The preferred criteria of photo filters may affect how you engage with your audience.

Instagram offers a vast selection of filters, but you can also look for other photo editors on the market. For instance, BeFunky offers a wide array of editing features, such as creating a glitch effect on pictures.

You may improve the quality and uniqueness of your photo by applying the filter that best matches the style of the photograph you just took.


4. Post Shareable Content

Your audience wants to interact with informative and motivating material. Consider the kinds of things that other people would want to share while creating your posts.

Infographic sharing is quite popular. You may satisfy that urge by sharing your professional thoughts with your followers. Your Instagram posts can reach a whole new group of prospective followers if someone embeds them in their blog.

Additionally, people may share your content on their Instagram Stories. These postings are clickable, so anybody interested in learning more may go to your original post by clicking on a link. It’s an additional simple technique to reach new audiences and prospective followers.


5. Utilize Instagram Stories

Use Instagram Stories if you want more followers on the platform. Over half a billion Instagram accounts daily embrace Stories, and brands account for a third of the most popular Stories.

People are engaged while using IG Stories. Additionally, you may share your experiences with individuals who do not currently follow you by utilizing the hashtag and location features in your stories.


6. Promote Your Instagram Account on More Platforms

You want people to be able to find your Instagram profile. Inform your followers on another social media platform (like Facebook or Twitter) about your Instagram account if you’ve already amassed a following.

Please provide a link to your IG profile and encourage your current social media fans to visit it. (Example: an Instagram-only promotion code, occasion, or competition.)

If you have a newly created Instagram account, publish some material before spreading the word elsewhere. Aim for at least twelve posts.

You might also feature a few of your most awesome Instagram posts on your other social media platforms. You can think about paying to promote these posts so that your other social fans can locate and follow you on Instagram.

With the tips above, you can potentially increase the number of real Instagram followers.


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