Personalized Playlists to Manifest the Beginning of Fall Season

I don’t know about you, but I also adapt my playlist according to the weather, mood, and season. So here’s what I'm listening to, as we’re solemnly entering the fall season.

Music has the ability to either calm you, boost your energy or cheer you up, make you sad or make you hyperactive, but it can also provide you with an overwhelming sense of melancholy. Yet again, it is good that we have the advantage of choosing our playlist, so we can adapt it to our state of being. 

Slow, cozy music, combined with a blanket and a cup of coffee is my ultimate image of well-being and tranquility. Although this may not be your first idea of coziness, give these upcoming songs a shot, and see where exactly they will take you – as we witness the leaves starting to fall, and the weather (finally) becoming gloomier. In case you could not tell, I am super excited that summer is ending. So if you’re a summer person, just ignore this article. 

Music for Rainy Days

Nao is a Youtuber, who happens to have the most amazing playlists, that adapt perfectly well to the routines of people who want to read, rest, or work. This particular playlist is my companion during rainy days. You can find Reed Pittman, Kylie Dailey, and Ed Patrick listed among the selected tracks.


Songs to Relax at Night

This playlist is utterly calming, and although it says here that you can listen to it while relaxing at night – I also play it when I’m walking outside. So it’s up to you. JJ Heller and Jay Miners are the voices behind a few of the selected songs.


Calm Playlist 

Ksenia suggests that this playlist involves music that relaxes you in the evening, regardless if you’re listening to it for purposes of rest, reading, or sleeping. My personal favorite in this playlist is Lay It All on Me by Johnny Stimson. This song is sublime!

Songs to Help you Relax and Fall Asleep

So this playlist is the one I usually listen to while writing, especially at late hours. I fell in love with it, when I heard it for the first time on Nao’s channel, as it starts with the beautiful voice of Sarah Kang.


Norah Jones

What’s autumn without jazz right? To get you all fuzzy and to enjoy the sounds of rain, while there is vivid jazz in the background. This particular playlist consists of all Nora Jones songs, put together by Cafe Music BGM channel. Whole two hours and a half of pure magic! 


One good thing about YouTube is that once you start listening to this sort of music, it starts suggesting other similar ones. So you’ll definitely end up listening to the other tracks I listen to, but which I have not listed here. Rest assured that you will enjoy them!



Photo: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock


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