Munich: Cosmopolitan City Throbbing With Energies

USA, U.K. and Australia remain the most popular destinations for international students in spite of the enormous fees, in all probability due to english language, Germany is gaining fairly rapidly and today stands as the 4th most favoured nation by those wishing to study abroad.

Education in Germany

Since 2014 undergraduate education was declared free in Germany except for the nominal fees which come to about 300 $ per semester. While this is true of all of Germany, Baden Wurttemberg has raised the fees for non-EU citizens to a pretty high 4000 to 5000 US$ per year.

For those who wish to pursue the master’s programme the fees goes much higher and sometimes can be as high as 20,000 to 30,000 US$ per year for foreign students.

One of the major pluses for foreigners wanting to live in Germany after education is that the government encourages the educated elite to stay back in their country which only adds to the brain gain. In this case, students apply for a long term residency during the last year of their education.


Munich, a university city in Germany

Continuing with our series on university cities, this time we touch upon Munich. This is a beautiful cosmopolitan city throbbing with positive energies which some say are on account of the number of tourists and others claim it is due to Munich being among the topmost livable cities in the world.

Whatever the reason or whether it is a combination of both Munich surely is an attractive destination. Tourism, history, culture, job opportunities it’s all here. This city with a population of about 1.4 million has a university student population of almost 10 percent.


The list of public universities

The number of public universities in Munich is quite impressive and you can choose your programme after consulting their websites. There are several courses that are taught in English in which case it is obligatory to have excellent command over the English language and certification of C1 or equivalent and a working knowledge of German.

If you wish to follow your curriculum in German you must possess impeccable command over german and come prepared. The Goethe institute which is spread worldwide offers courses in german at nominal fees since it is a non profit organization.

Technical University of Munich

Official website

University of Applied Sciences

Official website


Universitat der Bundeswehr


Official website


University of Music and Performing Arts

Official website


University of Television and Film 

Official website

Academy of Fine Arts 

Official website


Ludwig Maximilians Universitat

This is mainly a research institute

Official website


Cost of living in Munich

Munich is the most expensive city in Germany and the cost of living comes to around 1200 $ per month inclusive of shared accommodation.

For those who wish to earn while learning, part-time jobs are available aplenty and a student from the European Union or the European Economic Area is allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. Those coming from non-EU or the EEA countries do not have a bad deal either and are allowed to work 120 days a year or 240 half days a year.

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