How to Tell if Your Employers Are Silently Letting you Go

As much as we tend to linger and refuse to change our jobs, there are some signs we get from employees that we may just have to leave! Here are a few of them.

I’ve had the chance to hear a lot of employees say that they don’t ever fire people. Instead, they make them want to leave. This has been quite a bizarre discovery I have had the chance to witness, as I gradually saw myself getting more familiar with the way the labor market works. I could not understand why would employees simply not communicate with their workers, and let them know that they’re seeking other individuals, instead of making their lives difficult. As a matter of fact, I continue not to understand.

Just in case you’re ever experiencing this sort of situation, here are a few red flags to watch out for, when you think your employer is trying to show you that they no longer want you on the team.


Destructive Criticism

If an employee wants to work things out with you, he or she will provide you with constructive criticism. They will give you insights on how you can improve your performance, by showing you empathetically where you are lagging behind. If it’s the opposite, and if you’re never really getting any solid advice from your employers, chances are that they no longer think of keeping you in the long run.


Continuous Blaming

Blaming is one of the ways your employer will tend to destructively criticize you. You may find yourself working overtime, even on weekends, with all the capability you have, only to finish your tasks. However, if one thing goes wrong, your employers will not care about the time you spent working, and they will only blame you for any sort of shortcomings that they think they have noticed related to your performance.


No signs of recognition & promotion

We can’t continue staying in a place where our efforts tend to be a dead-end. Lack of moral recognition, proper financial compensation, or no opportunities for growth and promotion are some of the clearest signs that your value is not being cherished by your managers. As soon as you notice these, do try to talk to them and see if they want you out – because they might.


Lack of respect when communicating

Respect is crucial among colleagues and co-workers. Regardless of the hierarchies that might exist in your working environment, despite who is the boss and who is the lead manager – respect should be the basic value of your communication. Notice how your employer talks to you, and to other people as well. Notice how they talk to you about other people too. They will surely provide you with hints, and a lack of respect in the way they speak to you is a major red flag.



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