Explore Germany by Train with a 9-Euro Travel Pass

Germany launched a special offer to provide an affordable way to travel around Germany during this summer. If you want explore Germany on a budget, keep on reading.

To provide some relief from high fuel prices and increasing cost of living, the German government has introduced a special offer in a form of a travel pass. This incredibly affordable travel pass will allow tourists and locals to travel all around the country with public transport for as little as 9 euros a month. Here is everything you need to know about the 9-euro travel pass.


What is the 9-euro travel pass?

The 9-euro monthly travel pass is available for travel from 1 June 2022 to 31 August 2022. Anyone who purchases the travel pass can travel as many times as they want across all forms of public transport throughout Germany, including buses, U-Bahns, S-Bahns, trams, and local and regional trains for one calendar month.

The travel pass will be valid per calendar month rather than from the date of purchase. Fortunately, even if you buy your travel pass at the end of the month, it will still be worth it because in most cases one train trip can cost around 20-40 euros per person.


What the pass doesn’t cover

Just like any special offer, there are things to do aware of when using your cheap travel pass. First of all, the pass isn’t valid on any long-distance trains like the ICE or the IC, buses, and trains from private companies like Flixbus/Flixtrain. Keep in mind that local and regional trains are quite slow, this is why traveling from one side of the country to another can sometimes take a whole day. It might not sound as efficient, however, it is still worth it for the price you pay.

Also, the travel pass is not transferrable and if you wish to take a bike with you, you will need to purchase an additional ticket for it.


How to get your 9-euro travel pass

Getting a travel pass is an easy job that doesn’t require any extensive application forms or difficult processes. Once you have decided to travel around Germany, the best way to get a travel pass is to pre-book online or through the DB Navigator App which is the official app of Germany’s railway company.

You can also purchase the pass by visiting other websites and apps of the different regional transport companies in Germany such as Berlin has BVG, the Ruhr Area has VRR, and the Munich area has SSB. Moreover, you can purchase it at the DB ticket machines and all customer centers around Germany if you wish to buy the travel pass while in Germany.


Where can I travel with a travel pass?

This 9-euro travel pass makes Germany one of the most attractive travel destinations in Europe this summer. Fortunately, the country is incredibly diverse and has a plethora of places and hidden gems to discover. Germany also has a very well-established public transportation system that makes it extremely easy and efficient to visit even the furthest corner of the country.

With a travel pass, you can visit all 16 national parks of Germany such as the famous Saxon Switzerland National Park and Black Forest National Park, Jasmund National Park, and Berchtesgaden National Park. But that‘s not all. Germany has many beautiful villages and towns scattered around the country that will make you feel like you stepped into a fairytale. Some of the more famous ones are Rothenburg ob der Taube in Bavaria, Monchau village in North Rhein-Westfalia. Görlitz is worth mentioning as well because this is where the movie “The Grand Hotel Budapest” was filmed.

Among other places that you can explore using the 9-euro travel pass is the wine region in the Rhineland-Palatinate where you can have a wine tasting tour by going from one village to another. Another fantastic idea is to plan a route that combines visits to all the main castles in Germany such as the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle in southern Germany which is located near Munich. If you are looking for adventure, then definitely plan a route that includes the Devil’s Bridge in East Germany. It can be easily included in a trip from Berlin to Dresden city.


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