Dinner With The Best – Recipes From The Movies

Movies that relate in some way to cooking are always popular.  Following up on the selection of „Movies for Cookery Lovers“ that we presented to  you some time back, we now present weekend movie picks that offer you an entire menu, starting with the soup followed by  a main course and of course a dessert, plus an extra surprise.  Your upcoming weekend can be like a series of scenes from the movies.

Bridget Jones Leek Soup 

Perhaps you recall the renowned blue leek soup from the kitchen of Bridget Jones. Minor beginners‘ mistakes will do no harm, but for those who prefer the original item, which I believe is the best, the recipe is quite simple.


Slavnosti sněženek (The Snowdrop Festival) and two versions of boar meat 

A movie based on the book by Bohumil Hrabal and set in the surroundings of Kersko, where the author himself lived. The film offers medallions of characters from the local community which revolve around the central point of the movie where a boar is shot and this incident is followed by an argument between two local communities both of which want the boar. The unforgettable moment comes with the scene in which the two communities argue about what is the best way to prepare the boar. Is it with rosehip sauce  and dumplings or with cabbage? Try it both ways.


Chocolate croissant from the movie It’s Complicated 

The synopsis of this movie is quite far from the feeling I got from the film.  Above all, I remember the scene of baking the croissant, which I would not mind seeing again. Not that they really disclosed the recipe, but the entire atmosphere made me want to find it and bake it, too (https://www.marthastewart.com/312981/croissants). What you learn in the movie is the technique of preparing it.

Friends  – Ross’s Sandwich 

No need to introduce Friends, the most successful series ever. Food pervades many of the episodes, but one of the best is the episode about Ross’s Sandwich. The sandwich is made from the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner with one inventive detail – a third slice of bread soaked in gravy and placed in the middle of the sandwich, the so-called “Moist Maker”. Difficult to resist.

Photo: CSFD

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