Best places to visit in Germany

Germany, one of Europe’s largest countries, is home to a variety of breathtaking landscapes which include the dense forests of the urban west, the agricultural fields of the east, and the dazzling mountains of the south. Idyllic little villages, historic castles, picturesque market villages, and natural beauty are abundantly found in this country.

Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

This sprawling palace, which overlooks stunning gardens filled with perfectly manicured hedges and beautifully arranged flowers, is perfect to visit on a summer day. Sitting in a deck chair by the large water fountains allows a true appreciation of the scenic palace. Annually a pumpkin festival, accompanied by a delicious range of pumpkin dishes to choose from takes place. Many life-size sculptures are also fashioned out of pumpkins, including Baloo from the Jungle book, crocodiles, butterflies, and even gorillas. Alongside this, there are also sand sculptures to view, which have been built with such care that they look as though they’re made of stone. Some personal favorites include a leprechaun, a blue eye, and a tombstone. 


Mercedes-Benz Museum

Mercedes-Benz Museum


The almost oval-shaped, the silver building has been designed very cleverly with much thought put into creating a captivating experience. Visitors enter a very unique-looking curved lift that glides up and down the museum walls almost giving the effect that it’s floating. Once inside you’re transported to the top floor and upon reaching it, you will hear the sound of a horse’s hooves click-clacking along a cobbled road. It’s symbolic of where Mercedes first began. Each visitor is given a device with headphones that are preconfigured to connect to each part of the exhibition and explain in further detail the development of the company and its cars over time. As you descend the floors, you travel in time seeing all kinds of interesting models and types of cars. 


Europa Park

Europa Park
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Europa park in Rust receives visitors from every corner of Europe, including France, Belgium, and Italy. This is reflected in the parks-themed rides which include zones dedicated to each country and their associated rides. The Europa park app also allows you to join the virtual queue for the biggest rides which have long queues. One of the most, if not the most, exhilarating rides was the one influenced by Mercedes. Unsurprisingly it was incredibly fast and had incredibly sharp drops as well as rapid twists and turns. The park also included some water-based rides and even has a tram system, which is suspended in the air, to get to and from different areas of the park. 


Stuttgart Schlossplatz

Stuttgart Schlossplatz
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Schlossplatz with its unmistakable central column and water fountain, flanked by a historic castle, has a wonderful atmosphere for an evening stroll. It’s surrounded by many shops which sell a variety of items including books, clothes and beauty items. There’s also a wide selection of takeaways, restaurants, and stalls to choose from if you’re looking for a meal. 



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With its scenic views and calm atmosphere, Kilesberg is the perfect place to go with your family or even for some quiet time to yourself. The park is home to the Killesberg tower which can be climbed to see some spectacular views of Stuttgart.



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