Best Movies From The Eighties

Another week has passed, and we are moving into the next decade. For the eighties we have chosen a generous list of movie picks. In addition to the films we haven´t presented yet, we are also including some of those that have appeared in some of our previous articles, but which meet the condition of being among the best movies of this decade.

Raiders of the Lost Ark 

Harrison Ford in the first part of the adventure tetralogy about the archeologist Indiana Jones, created by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. One of the best adventure movies of all times and winner of several Awards.

Smrt krásných srnců (Forbidden Dreams) 

Ota Pavel evocatively described his childhood memories, depicting the story of his family (his father was Jewish) before and during WWII in a book of short stories. The director Karel Kachyňa took on the topic with similar sensitivity and created an inimitable film in which serious events were mixed with humorous ones.

Jean de Florette 

The film based on the book by Marcel Pagnol is set in Provence, in the little town Aubagne, near Marseille, and depicts the stories of local characters whose lives are closely linked to their land and their work.

Who’s Singin’ Over There? 

A metaphoric movie set on the eve of the Second World War in Yugoslavia. An old bus drives through the countryside and is a metaphor of the end of one epoque and the beginning of a new one, combining humorous and serious themes.

Also among the outstanding movies made in the eighties are some which we have already placed in other categories. 

Pink Floyd: The Wall 

We introduced this movie in the article on Films about Music.

Back to the Future

We introduced this movie in the article on Time Doesn’t Exist – Time Challenges in Movies.

Rain Man

We introduced this movie in the article 5 Films Revolving around Mentally Challenged Characters.


The Name of the Rose 

We introduced this movie in the article Where Movies Took Place – Yesterday Quiz.


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