Solo Traveling:The Art Of Relaxed Awareness

The suggestions I am about to offer come out of my personal experience, and reflect approaches I have tried in my own life. You may think that traveling solo and going to events alone is a common thing, but would you do that yourself if you had a chance? People seem, at first blush, to be excited about the idea of being 100% responsible for just themselves, but in the end that enthusiasm turns out to be more theoretical than actual. The problem is that we have become too dependent on people. Socialization is, with no doubt, one of the main factors in our lives, but it need not be crucial. Loneliness is having a deleterious effect on us, as we settle for anything that feeds our need for belonging. Furthermore, we forget about ourselves, and we sabotage our sense of self-worth.

Start the adventure known as a solo traveling

Solo traveling or otherwise becoming a nomad is not the solution I advocate, nor is shaking up the comfort zone to the last degree that I would advise anyone to do. Long story short – you owe it to yourself to have some quality time alone.

And here’s why:

Self-reliance – Don’t wait for people to make up their minds; and most importantly, don’t give up on that potential awesome night out, just because no one else is “in the mood”.

Disclaimer: By “an awesome night out” I mean a party that includes a dance floor.

No one will pay attention to whether you are alone or not, because even a group of people usually scatters around the venue. It’s not even important whether you meet someone new, or not, because, in the end, you are the life of your own party.

Also, try solo travel, if you feel content to do that. It doesn’t need to belong, nor should you have to sleep in the woods or eat only cans of tuna for a week. The point is, whatever style – comfy, or edgy – you pursue, you will in both cases be left alone. Exploring a new environment will broaden your perspective, make you manage a route and budget, and last but not least, you will stumble upon some unique places that are not described in the guidebooks.

The act of creating your personal experience does a favor to your self-esteem. Which brings me to the next …

Me, myself and I

You won’t be a boring person – to yourself. This reality kicked me in the head when I decided to commit to a so-called “solo-project”. I soon realized how long I had been underestimating myself. Rest assured this will happen to you, too, and it will spark you to get to know yourself better.

Do you remember that art exhibition or theatre performance? How about that food or beer festival? And that concert you plan to skip because you don’t have anyone to go with?

You will learn to cherish your time alone – When you realize how great you feel in your own company, you will stop taking your spare time for granted. I would like to warn you about a possible reduction in your appetite for instant-sharing, living the moment instead of capturing it first, and a significant boost in your need to keep your intimate moments as they should be – intimate.

For example, does the entire world really need to witness every single detail of the camping trip that should be serving as a short get-away from your regular, busy life?

As for other things in life, it’s important to be intelligent about taking solo journeys. Whether you are a female or a male, I want to stress the importance of situational awareness.

Enjoy your solo traveling, or gig, but don’t leave your brain at home, and make sure to keep your eyes open. Mastering the art of relaxed awareness and studying your surroundings will keep you away from awkward situations and potential dangers.

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