What It Takes To Become A Real Estate Agent? YT Professions

As every week, we at YT, prepare for you, one more profession to consider while planning or making a career move. It’s also often that our suggested jobs are from that invisible category - degree not required.  Which means with a little bit of training you can commence earning a living.

Real Estate Agent, also broker or salesperson. These words describe a person mediating a sale / buying or renting of a property. The more exciting part about this job is that it is fairly independent despite mostly working for a real estate company and can a fetch a fairly interesting salary and commission. 

It surely requires certain inherent attributes. Introverts may not succeed at this job. Similarly, if you’re too sensitive this work may not be for you.  The job of a broker is more suitable for sharp minded people with an extroverted and a somewhat tough personality. Dealing with people, knowing the legal part of the work is what brings the daily bread. 

So if you are still reading, lets have a look at some of the usual responsibilities: 

– Listing new properties – that includes to visit and get information and photographs of the property.
– Close cooperation with clients, including showing them several properties to meet their requirements.
– Preparing contracts, usually with close cooperation of laywers.
– Keeping up with market trends and keeping track of the movement of the prices.  Servicing and updating listings. 
And importantly – never stop learning. 


Median income is  $ 43,370

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