Youth Time Ambassadors 2022: Meet Asmik Arakelian

Asmik Arakelian, the fifth ambassador of Youth Time this year, is an example of a global citizen — an Armenian-born, raised in Russia, and Sweden-based student and product associate working in fintech. Read our latest interview to learn more about our last (but not least) ambassador.

Asmik Arakelian is the final Youth Time ambassador whom we are excited to introduce to you. Asmik was born in Armenia, raised in Russia, and is now living in Sweden, where she is studying Study Management. Back in Russia, she studied Journalism at Moscow State University and worked at the Innovative Journalism Center. In the past, Asmik also participated in the Global Youth Forum as a press. Now she works in fintech as a product associate in Stockholm, Sweden.


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Photo courtesy of Asmik Arakelian


When did you first hear about Youth Time?

In spring 2019. I was scrolling a Facebook page with interesting opportunities for young people where I could meet new people and learn more about technology, innovation, etc. This is when I learned about Youth Time and its exciting opportunities for youth. I applied as a press representative the same day – and received an invite a few months later.


Why did you decide to become a Youth Time ambassador?

Because I loved the spirit of Youth Global Forum and appreciated the effect it can have on people. And I am excited to make my contribution to it.


Now that you were chosen to be one of the ambassadors, what has changed in your life? What are you most excited about in this program?

I feel excited about future learning opportunities, as well as opportunities to meet new interesting people. Being an ambassador of such an organization makes you live in anticipation of some exciting future events that will shape you as a person.


What inspired you? Who are your role models?

Honesty and willpower are qualities that inspire me. Anyone who is brave enough to be honest with themselves on how they want to live their lives, and has enough willpower and strength to choose a path of resistance to pursue their dreams, is a role model for me.


Is there an achievement or contribution you are most proud of?

Winning four scholarships for studying abroad, and now helping other future (or current) leaders get scholarships and realize their potential to contribute to the development of their regions.


What was the biggest challenge you were facing and how did you solve it?

Moving to Sweden mid-pandemic, starting a new life in complete isolation from my friends and family (due to closed borders), and living in uncertainty over my future for over a year. It was still a great time as it gave me a space to understand what I want in life, and I was pursuing my goals with full commitment. As a result — dream job at a fintech scaleup, my very own business with a great positive impact, amazing new friends — and, of course, a position of an ambassador.


What would you say to someone considering becoming a Youth Time ambassador next year?

Perhaps I can answer this question better by the end of this year. However, if you want to live in excitement for what the future has for you — this is a great opportunity.


Photo courtesy of Asmik Arakelian


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