World Economic Forum And Millennials

The World Economic Forum was held in Davos, Switzerland from 17-20th January 2017. As soon as this major global event was announced and planned, the Millennials decided to step in and take over the show. The end result was participation by more than 50 young people at the Davos Forum.

Millennials sent out representatives from all parts of the world in an attempt to show their dedication, commitment, and entitlement to a brighter future.

Teamwork is everything

Eva-Maria Olbers was one of the Millennials who attended. She was asked to participate in order to present and promote her inspiring project, called „Bridge to Afghanistan“. The project is designed and implemented for the purpose of helping students in Kabul with their studies – and the project addresses all possible issues they face, from logistics to content. Eva-Maria, from Germany, states that she believes in the Millennials and finds that the rumors about this generation being passive are just ridiculous. She strongly believes in the entrepreneurial spirit that her fellow Millennials share with her but thinks that participating in this event and similar ones is truly necessary. There cannot or should not be a gap between entrepreneurship leaders and decision-makers on a global level.

Education for everybody

Maninder Singh Bajwa came to the World Economic Forum from India. He is also the creator of a project that is dedicated to education. His digital educational network provides extensive educational materials and tools for both teachers and students. Esperanza Innovations, his company, provides the above-mentioned content in five local Indian languages with a clear target group – children and youth living in parts of India where educational opportunities are rare and limited. His desire was to participate in this major world event in order to give a voice to the youth of the world. Being led in the digital era by people far older than Millennials is unacceptable for this aspiring entrepreneur from India. He believes that education is the key, and each and every individual should have the opportunity to pursue it. The older generations, which play the key role at the World Economic Forum, can learn from Millennials as much as Millennials can learn from them.

Closing the gap

Greg Nance, a USA Millennial, also joined these inspirational young people at Davos. He is the founder and owner of a company called, which focuses on developing platforms to help students with the admissions process at universities. It has been used by more than 10 million students so far, but Greg is not satisfied. One of the major reasons why he is attending this meeting is to talk to experts, CEOs, and NGO representatives in order to see how can he can improve and develop his company further. Greg also emphasizes that he sees the major gap that exists between youth and the world’s leadership currently, but he believes it is not a mission impossible to bridge across it. This entrepreneur believes that technology is the key, and that it should be used more often as a tool to reach youth.

Millennials attending this major global event are bound to have an impact on the economic policies of the future. Considering these three bright examples of attendees from this demographic, one cannot doubt that their input will be a valuable asset to global leaders in the future.

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