Why You Need to Take a Break from the News Cycle and How to Actually Do It

We’re constantly one click away from finding out what’s going on in the world. How overwhelming is this? Here’s why you need a news break!

Looking back at the 90s, I tend to think that people hung out so much more with one another out of the need for information, among other things. Quite often, you relied only on the other person, friend, sibling, or acquaintance to provide you with information about what’s going on in the other city or village. It never even crossed our minds that we can reach a point where we will be informed in detail about other countries, continents, and the whole world.

Today, people don’t really exchange that much information of this sort anymore. Everything is public, through media, television, social networks, etc. What we are doing now is comment and follow literally everything. No wonder we feel reckless and anxious, because we are constantly on alert about what news will come next. Here are some ideas on how to take a break from it all.


Practice Digital Detox

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Digital detox is highly recommended, to switch the attention you give to external sources and convert it into internal mindfulness.  Try to schedule some time away from your phone, laptop, or any sort of screen from which you receive information. If it’s difficult for you to remain offline for a long time, try challenging yourself by starting with an hour, and then advancing to longer periods of time away from any sort of electronic device. I promise you will be able to think and do much more fulfilling activities than you think.


Replace Your Information Sources

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Do not rely on the media to keep you informed. Or at least don’t rely solely on the media. Try reading a book, listening to relevant podcasts on the topics you wish to stay more informed about, and reading what non-governmental organizations are researching, their reports, or their daily work, especially, say, in the field of human rights. These sources will always provide you with a clearer picture of issues you would want to follow more closely.


Try Talking to More People 

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Let’s get back to the old way of giving and receiving information, shall we? Call up a friend, schedule a beer date, and gain a bit of their perspective on what is happening in your community, your city, society, or even their takes on global issues which are threatening your peace of mind. I’m sure that sharing your worry or concern with others, will ease your burden for a little bit, rather than just reading bad news online, and getting no support from anyone on how to handle it.


Unfollow Any Sort of Hurtful Content

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All of us should be more assertive when it comes down to the media, blogs, channels, and posts we expose ourselves to. Are they posting anything sexist, racist, or xenophobic? Make sure to delete them, and also report their content. Filter out the things you see in your news feed and don’t let negative content impact your day. You may think it’s just a post, but just consider the number of times we scroll throughout the day. Imagine having to see and read hurtful content so often, only to wound up feeling bad about everything that’s happening in the world. Yes, try to stay informed but make sure to keep your composure about things you can’t really do anything to change!



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