Why is container shipping the best type of transportation?

In our modern world, it is difficult to imagine shop rows without foreign products and goods. Both for sellers and buyers, integrity and quality of goods remain extremely important transportation […]

In our modern world, it is difficult to imagine shop rows without foreign products and goods. Both for sellers and buyers, integrity and quality of goods remain extremely important transportation aspects. There is no doubt that container shipping, especially with a used 20ft shipping container for sale, is a new technology of transportation today. 


Let’s take conventional shipping into consideration. This type of transport leads to two load breaks. The first break takes place at the port of departure and the second at the port of arrival.


This change of load from the port of departure requires two successive operations. This is the unloading of the truck serving as pre-routing and the loading of the ship.  At the port of arrival, the reverse operation is carried out. The ship is then unloaded to load the truck for post-routing.


It’s important to mention the consequences of these actions.  Indeed, load breaks sometimes are synonymous with rough handling. They are always dangerous for your goods.


Despite rough handling, docking is dangerous for your goods too. These stops lead to thefts and losses. Weather conditions also deteriorate these goods. These are humidity, rain, frost, and high heat.


It is obvious that due to all these reasons, container shipping is an optimal solution. 


What is the main reason to buy 20ft shipping containers for transportation?


One of the most important issues is to choose the right container size; often, companies prefer to use 20ft shipping containers. Fortunately, nowadays, it is not a big problem to find a new or used 20ft shipping container for sale. 


20ft shipping containers are the perfect choice for different types of business, from food production to building tools. For sure, one of the most reliable sellers of such containers is PelicanContainers. This company provides not only quick delivery but also CCS certificate (it makes these containers fit for any intermodal transportation), anti-theft protection, corten steel sheet (anti-corrosion) and more other benefits such as: 

  • 27 mm marine-grade plywood floor
  • ISO compliant (this design allows all boxes to get along well with other containers on the ship and can be used for an almost whole range of purposes) 
  • Weather and rodent-proof
  • Multiple air vents and lashing points
  • Undergoes thorough quality check before being handed over to the customer


What is the difference between ordinary containers and ISO containers?

ISO tankers/containers were designed to transport liquids or gases, but they may transport practically any form of cargo, from perishable liquids such as oil or wine to hazardous compounds. When transporting dangerous compounds in ISO tanks, additional regulations must be satisfied. Furthermore, once an ISO tank has been labeled to transport hazardous chemicals, it cannot be used to convey food in bulk, and vice versa.


Indeed, ISO containers from PelicanContainers offer several benefits, since they are built on a structure that can be changed to fit the container’s specifications. It is also coated with an insulating substance, which protects it from the load it transports. Furthermore, they are one of the most efficient intermodal bulk commodities transit systems. They are safer, more flexible, more ecologically friendly, and less expensive than alternative tanker solutions.

Types of containers

Anyway, when it comes to containers, there are a plethora of options, for example:


  • Standard container (Aluminum containers have a slightly larger payload)


  • Refrigerated container (for the transportation of goods that must be stored at a certain temperature)


  • Double door container (two sides of the container are openable, it allows to be quickly loaded or unloaded from either end as needed) 


  • Top container (they do not have a solid roof, which makes it easier to transport bulky goods that are difficult to fit in standard shipping containers)


  • Wide pallet (these containers have been specially designed for the transport of wooden Euro pallets, which are commonly used in Europe)


  • Flatrack (it is used for transporting larger items such as buses, pipes, etc.)


  • Container with side door (side doors are very convenient for loading bulky goods that cannot pass through the end doors)


  • Container – cistern (they are made of durable steel and anti-corrosion materials and guarantee the protection of liquid materials during transportation)


  • Disposable container (disposable containers can be of any type, one fact that sets them apart from all others is that they only make one trip before being sold) 


  • Isothermal container (they maintain the same temperature inside the container, regardless of the temperature outside its four walls.  To ensure items are protected from condensation and moisture, the container is often sealed)


Furthermore, you may be able to obtain a custom-made container to meet your requirements. A unique container must fulfill certain specific demands that a container of normal size and specifications cannot. Many components may be changed, from the position of the door(s) to the height and breadth, as well as the technical equipment. But that’s not all; you may also select between a new and previously used container with nice attributes.


Why do businesses usually take into consideration both variants: new and used 20ft shipping containers? 


The aforementioned parameters apply to both a new and secondhand 20ft shipping container for sale. When it comes to containers that have already been used, they are only placed up for sale since they are still in good shape and ready to be used again. Of course, for objective reasons, their price is lower, which makes them more affordable; this is a great choice even for both start-ups and large companies.


Moreover, it is high time to remember that now more than ever it is important to use resources carefully to get the most out of old things before replacing them with new ones.  Thus, by choosing a previously used shipping container, you not only take care of your funds but also make a contribution to the preservation of the ecology of our planet.


At the same time, buying a new container, you can definitely count on a very long service life and quality assurance.  Such a container, of course, will serve longer than the previously used one. A higher price guarantees the best quality that you can see on the market!


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