While You Are On The Beach – Summer Creativity

Holiday season has just started. Getting lazy, doing nothing and spending the day at the beach is a welcome way to spend the day. Still, if you happen to get bored, the following tips may add to your day. Get inspired with these DIY projects and fun activities for the beach.

Where else to begin than with sand castles?  And by castle you don’t necessarily need to stick to the fortification. Sand is a material that allows more than that – stay up to date and it won’t be an old fashioned children’s  activity. 

Sand Lizard / Photo: Flickr – Bryan Ochalla

One of the activities, using sand can be creating shapes in the sand which can be large enough to be viewed from vantage points such as the hotel room or a nearby rock.

Shapes in the sand / Photo: Flickr – Jon Rawlinson

Bringing the beach home can be a project in itself and requires collecting objects (careful, you don’t take home those which  are protected) and recreating them into a small still life in jar for instance.

Heart Shape / Photo: Flickr – Zening Resorts

Shells…of course. You can say, why pick up something that  one can buy at the nearest souvenir shop.  But, originality is in your personal touch and can help you create something that nobody else can (again be aware of countries that don´t allow any sea or beach material to be taken away). 

West Coast Shells Necklace / Photo: Flickr – Stacie 

An unusual thingamajig can come through unusual means. While traveling, you can collect a bit of soil, sand, small stones and layer them into a jar at home. You can also add little labels indicating where  each layer came from. It will always remind you those holidays and at the same time will contribute to the decor of your home.

Memory from traveling / Photo: Martina Advaney 

A few pictures for your photo album would also be welcome. Just don‘t over do it.

It’s summer here in Australia! / Photo: Flickr – Martin Snicer Photography

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