Where The Winter Olympics Took Place In 1994 – University City Of Lillehammer, Norway

One of the venues of winter Olympics, Lillehammer is a ski resort town and although the population of the town is just over 27,000 it draws more than its share of foreign students. It is also a place that has shown a consistent growth in population right since 1970.

As previously stated in our articles on the Norwegian university cities, since the policy on immigration in the country is quite pragmatic, a fair number of international students go on to build their career in the country. Thus even in a town such as Lillehammer you will find people of many ethnicities. The locals are friendly towards foreigners and quite welcoming.

Norway has been showing a steady growth in population both on account of immigration and fertility which is among the highest in Europe. It is also considered to be among the 5 best countries for migrants.

Those who love the mountains and are fond of skiing will be attracted to this town. The facilities for skiing are at par with the best in the world.

As is the case with most Norweigians, a good part of the population is quite fit given the skiing facilities and the hiking trails.

Ski jump stadium in Lillehammer

Over the last years Lillehammer has been attracting a record number of international students and they mingle well with their local counterparts.

Lillehammer is by itself quite an attractive township. Even though most of Lillehammer which surrounds a lake and is then surrounded by mountains has 19th century wooden buildings, it’s not uncommon at all to see many preserved structures that go back to the 12the century. The town is known for museums particularly related to skiing and even during the summer you will find the locals and some foreigners skiing using skis that are especially fitted with roller blades.

As always we would request you to check out the website of the university to determine the courses most suited to you. The Lillehammer University College was merged with the state run university and they have a common weblite under the name of Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences:
Official website

Cost of Living

While costs in Lillehammer are marginally lower than in Oslo and Bergen we would still recommend 1100 $ towards your monthly expenses. As earlier mentioned in our articles related to Oslo and Bergen, education, inclusive of higher education is virtually free in Norway.

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