When Fiction Skips To Reality Movies

Imagine yourself as a writer.  Your brain oscillates between reality and fiction and is never sure which part is out of balance. Sometimes you can also cope with your doubts about yourself. You create characters that are so lively . . . aren't they? Now come back and check out today's movies, where fiction and reality seem to be on an even footing.

Stranger than Fiction 

Hearing voices does not necessarily indicate schizophrenia. Harold Crick could say . . . his ordinary life gets disturbed one day by a female voice talking about him and what is worse, planning him to kill. The voice belongs to Karen Eiffel – a succesful writer who is finishing what will probably be her best book and is dealing with the last task – finding the best way to kill her main character, Harold Crick . . .

Ruby Sparks 

Formerly successful author Calvin is dealing with a personal and career crisis at the same time. His life starts getting bearable when he creates a charming new character, Ruby Sparks. The thing is that Ruby seems to be bit more palpable than is fitting for an imaginary person. After some initial doubts about his own sanity, Calvin stands in front of an important decision: whether to finish his story or leave it to destiny.

The Book that Wrote Itself 

To prove the quality of his book to the publishers who are refusing publishing it, Vincent Macken starts living his book and filming it. The twist comes with an obvious question: what is better, the reality or the fiction?
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Not only writers, but also their fans, can suffer from a form of delusion, like Annie Wilkes, a fan of writer Paul Sheldon and his books about Misery.  Paul gets injured in an accident while traveling through an inhospitable mountain area in winter, and it is Annie who finds him and takes charge of his recovery. Given the situation, all seems to be working just fine for Paul . . . until . . . Annie finds out that in his last, just-finished book, Paul made Misery die. Misery – the only light in Annie’s lonely and freaky life. Soon Paul finds that his only way out is to please his weirdo admirer and hope to come out of this situation in one piece.

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