What Does Your Favorite Hashtag Say About You?

Most of us really like social networks. To be more particular – Instagram. But have you ever wondered what the hashtags you use say about you? Well, we have all questioned it now and again. Now you have an opportunity to read the personality types which are connected to each hashtag.
This is delivered to you after years and years of thorough analysis. I'm working as a social media strategist and the analysis was made for my business.


You’re kind of outdated, aren’t you? Or old school if you prefer it that way. You don’t care about likes that much, and are not really sure how hashtags work. You just kind of do what seems reasonable to do on Instagram (which you do in real life also, unfortunately). Sorry to break it to you, but the last time that hashtag made sense was in 2013. B.C.! Just like that attitude of yours.


You are not ashamed of anything you do. Attention freak is your middle name. And you really want to be popular. But you don’t know how (like many other things in your life). So, apart from being the loudest one in the crowd, using a #follow4follow hashtag is the easiest and shortest route to so-called popularity for you. You don’t even follow back, do you? Shame on you.


You should be utterly ashamed of yourself. But not because of the fact that you love your job. But because you really, really want everyone to know it. Who, on Earth, likes their job so much, that they take a picture of their office, post on Instagram and add #ilovemyjob? Fine… You. Yeah, thanks for sharing that with us. All in all, you’re a show-off who needs other people’s approval to enjoy life from time to time.


Something like #ilovemyjob, but less obvious. You’re technically bragging about having a lot of money, without actually mentioning money. Yes, I understand, you’ve earned it. Just like The Weekend’s girlfriend (what’s the singer’s name, anyway?).

#fashion #makeup

This is such a cliché, I don’t even want to comment on it.


Can we all stop using this utterly irritating hashtag? It’s so awful and common, that it has become some sort of guilty pleasure. Especially for those with private accounts. Some say: what gives you pleasure, shouldn’t make you feel guilty. Well, this hashtag should. You, just like #ilovemyjob person, need other people’s approval to enjoy life.

#hasthagsThatTellsAWholeStoryInOneSentence #andisreallyhorribletoread

You don’t care about hashtags, and popularity is not your thing. But you really think that you’re a fun, imaginative, honest person and, above all, not self-centered. And you even might be each one of these things. Except the last one. That’s definitely, not you.

Tagging things closely connected to the photo you’ve uploaded

You are a classic of Instagram. You use it the way it should be used, and there is a great probability that you’re very realistic and down-to-earth. Or, just cling to rules so much that you cannot think out of the box. I think you know which one you are.

No hashtags

  1. Your profile is set on private: you use Instagram because everyone is using it. And you kind of want to show off, but are too ashamed to publish things frequently on Facebook. You are actually pretty decent.
  2. Your profile is set on public: you’re not interested in popularity or mediocre things like mediocre hashtags, mediocre food, or mediocre people. You don’t need that. Plus, the only reason you’re using Instagram is to show off to those who surely look at your profile. You’re actually just a passive-aggressive form of a #follow4follow person.

Well, that’s about it. I think this article sums up 90% of Instagram people.

P.S. If you post hashtags as a comment and delete it after an interval, add an extra I-really-care-about-opinions point to your overall personality.

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