What Can Grow In The Bathroom? – Plants That Will Flourish There

There are a very few rooms that should be left without plants. From the top of my head I would say, just the bedroom. Bathrooms are often dull looking, fulfilling their specific purpose, rather than being a beautiful and a relaxing oasis. The good news is that bathrooms are now brightening up and many want to give them an aesthetic feel. The damp and warm conditions of bathrooms often make them just right for tropical plants to trive in and even the most boring of them can be livened up. Here are options you may want to consider.

Ferns – like humidity. Ferns are some of the oldest plants and over time managed to adapt to many changes. Therefore, these are quite easily grown.


Orchids – these tropical plants do well in light bathrooms.


Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena braunii) – an easy to grow plant either hydroponically or in a substrate. It also is not a plant that demands much light.


Tilandsie (Spanish Moss) – is a plant that grows almost on nothing.


Ivy – an easy growing, climbing plant. There are different types. Careful, some of them are poisonous.



Devil’s ivy (Pothos or Money Plant) – has very similar characteristics to the one above. Often you see the plant growing new roots once a cut portion stays in just water. It is also a climber and a fast spreading plant that can adapt to almost any environment.


Chlorophytum comosum (Spider plant) – one more from the category with almost no care required. It will keep growing.


Aloe Vera – a succulent that will do well in the bathroom. They need at least a little bit of light


Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) – for those who prefer blossoms and appreciate the liveliness of the plant

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