What Are The Alternatives To Sugar

Hearing about refined sugar not being healthy often  doesn't make it easy  to give up your favourite sweets. So what are the possible alternatives?

is not only several times sweeter than sugar, but at the same time is  extremely low in calories.

is a by product of refining sugar. It  tastes similar to sugar and  it is rich in minerals and vitamins.

consists of fructose and glucose which gets reduced due to pasteurisition to some extent. Despite that honey contains good amounts  of some minerals.

Maple syrup
GI 54 belongs to category of middle GI. Maple syrup also contains minerals.

mostly consists of fructoses and apart from that fibre, minerals, antioxidants. There are practicaly no side effects to fruits. Certain fruits can substitute a part of sugar while baking sweets.

are super sweet, but yes, sweetening coffee with dates won´t probably work. Still there are possibilities of using  them in baking.  Apart from  high sweeteness dates contain minerals and fibre.

There are aslo other alternatives which have been  proven over the years  to have similar drawbacks as refined sugar. The benefits are so miniscule  that to reach them would mean eating  incredibbly high quantities of these sweeteners. Among them are:

Agave syrup

Coconut sugar

Palm sugar

The only thing they surmount sugar, is  their price.

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