What All Can You Get Compensated For While Flying

Flying is not only one of the safest ways of traveling,  but with the affordable tickets it is also very popular. One of the unpleasant aspects of flying is the possibility of a delay and being stuck at the airport for several hours if not overnight. But! Did you know there are compensations you can receive for this unpleasantness? Check out this article.

Entitlement to refreshments or accommodation : 

– there is delay of 2 – 3 hours (if the distance you’re going to fly is up to 1500 km)

– delay of 3 – 4 hours (in case the distance is 1500 – 3000 km)

– delay of 4 and more hours (if the total distance is more than 3500 km) 

Financial compensation can be provided only in cases when the delay is caused by the airline such as technical problems with the aircraft but not in the case of unfavorable weather,  illness of one of the passengers or strike. These are unpredictable situations.

€ 250 – total flight distance upto 1500 km

€ 400 – total flight distance 1500 – 3500 km

€ 600 – total flight distance more than 3500 km 

Lost or damaged baggage or delay in delivering of the baggage is a situation in which there is a possibility  to receive a compensation up to € 1220. The condition is to fill out the claim form and make sure  the airline receives it within 7 days in the case of lost or damaged luggage and within 21 days in case of a delay. 

Financial compensation cannot be provided due to the unfavorable weather

Always find out the reason why the plane was delayed  to make sure whether you can claim the compensation. The airline has to give you this information.  If they do not  the passenger can contact Civil Aviation Authority. 

Information in this article is valid for airlines having their base in the EU. For  information outside of EU, one has to check  the laws of that particular country.

Photos: Shutterstock / collages: Martina Advaney

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