Weet U De Weg Naar De Bioscoop – Weekend With Dutch Movies

In our Language Movie Summer School we have for you,  some great movies from the Netherlands for this weekend. Treat it as an opportunity to practise Dutch. Together  with the film from our earlier selection, Winter in Wartime, we are sure you’ll like all of these dramatic films.

Knielen op een bed violen (In My Father’s Garden) 

The movie tells the story of a strong and an everlasting bond between husband Hans and his wife Margje. Their love story goes back to highschool and lasts through WWII.  It  seems that the worst is behind them,  until the moment Hans meets a member of a religious sect and starts battling within himself with his newly discovered faith and his family.

Boven is het stil  (It’s All So Quiet) 

Emotions are tricky feelings for farmer Helmer, who is in his fifties and looks after his father who is ill. He thwarts any attempt at closeness by men while he fights out with his emotions within himself.


Fred is a widower. He lives a lonely life in a village in Holand until he meets Theo. Theo is a homeless man and Fred takes him home and starts looking after him and this turns out to be a source of happiness.  A simple story with an emotional end.

Tot altijd (Time of My Life)

This film based on true events, tells you the story of Mario who is a young and an ambitious politician and has just learnt that he’s been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Following this, he begins advocating the legalizing of euthanasia in Belgium.

Photo: CSFD

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