Use Canada Proxies to Unblock Websites

Whether you are working remotely, implementing social distancing, or resting, you may find yourself needing to use a good Canada proxy server. Perhaps you want to advertise in Canada, but you live elsewhere around the world.

Or, maybe you want to find out what’s happening in Canada by unblocking updates on the CTV website or CBC Player.

Maybe you have remote workers that need to access your secure, Canada-based websites.

Or, perhaps you want to unblock an authority platform to know how the COVID-19 situation is working out—from Vancouver to Toronto.

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More reasons to use Canada proxies


You can use proxy servers based in CA to achieve much more. What do you have in mind?

  • Are you running a new marketing campaign in Canada?
  • Are you using Canada proxies for tracking local search rankings for your SEO strategy?
  • To post classified ads in Canada?
  • Do you want to see how your website appears to your Canadian audience?
  • Need to access local video content and sports channels you’ve subscribed to from anywhere?
  • Is it time to use the best Canada proxy servers to gather actionable intelligence on your competitors?
  • Or, are you looking to do timely brand protection using a premium CA proxy service?

Whichever goal you have in mind, you can find the best proxy service to unblock websites when you browse with a Canadian IP address.

Unblock website
Unlock websites


So, how do you use Canada proxies to unblock websites?


When your internet connection carries a Canadian return address, you can unblock:

  • Netflix Canada and access the video library meant for the Canadian audience
  • Unblock DAZN, CTV Go, and CBC Player
  • Access your favorite online sports channels such as Rogers NFL Now and Sportsnet
  • Lift geo-restrictions so you can get into Canadian versions of Amazon Prime, SN Now, CraveTV, Britbox, Qello, MLB.TV, and TSN Direct from anywhere
  • Browse the websites of your Canadian competitors from anywhere and scrape business intelligence without getting banned

That means you can avoid your favorite Canadian websites’ “international version” limitations. Are you traveling abroad for business or a vacation? You can access the same news, video, and deals you would if you accessed the website from your Canadian residence.

And that also means you use your Canada proxy servers to run intelligence gathering on competitors without getting blocked or having your Canadian IP address permanently banned from accessing particular sites.

To do all that successfully, consider the following best practices when choosing the best Canada proxies for your needs.

Use Canadian Proxy to unblock websites
Use Canadian Proxy to unblock websites

How to use the best Canada proxies right now


Here is what you need to know.


1.      Decide between data center and residential proxies in Canada


If you need super-fast proxy servers for scraping an extensive list of websites, go for a data center proxy. Data center proxies are economical for large operations and are usually cheaper compared to residential proxies.

A great data center proxy provider like this one will also provide multiple Canadian IP addresses to accomplish what your well-meaning goals.

A significant data center proxy concern is that modern websites can easily detect and block them.

So, if you are concerned about having your IP permanently blocked by a certain website, choose the best residential proxies instead.

An excellent residential proxies provider will provide you with one or more Canada IP addresses that your target websites won’t easily recognize as a proxy.

The best tips
The best tips


2.      Decide the best proxy server location for you


The best proxy server location is the one closest to you or your target websites. The closer it is, the faster your connection will be.

So, if you are planning on gathering marketing intelligence in Canada from a vast network of sites, you’ll want the fastest proxy you can afford.

Want to test if the proxy server is located where the provider says it is?

Use IP2Location or InfoSniper to help you with that.

Use Proxies VPN to change the websites
Use Proxies VPN to change the websites


3.      Look beyond the price tag


Don’t just base your subscription decision on just how much a Canada proxies provider costs per month or year.  Also, consider the following aspects:

  • An annual average proxy server uptime of up to 99.98%. Use Uptime Robot or Uptime to test server uptimes.
  • Resourceful customer support to help you when you need to configure or troubleshoot any issues
  • Absolute anonymity to ensure you do not get banned
  • High-performance Canada proxy servers for consistent reliability



4.      Use Canada IP addresses with VPN


Whether you are using public Wi-Fi at an airport, train station, cafeteria, or in a hotel room, you’ll want to protect the data you transmit online.

So pick up a proxy service provider that includes a virtual private network and secure HTTPS connectivity in their packages to keep your business or personal data encrypted and secured.



What Next?


There is a lot you can achieve using a reliable Canada proxy server. You can unblock Canadian TV channels to catch the latest business and entertainment content.

You can also easily access local websites for scraping business intelligence from anywhere you are. Just be sure to use Canada proxies that offer the benefits mentioned above, at the very least, to enjoy your investment.

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