What It’s Like Being A Bridesmaid For Hire: Unusual Professions

Being a bridesmaid is, for most people, a task that is an honour. But have you ever thought that it can also be a profession? With the budgets for weddings increasing steadily, professional services have arisen that would have looked like ideas from a science fiction novel only a few years back. Bridesmaids no longer have to be close friends of the bride, but can also be professionals who provide a service to guarantee a perfect wedding.

It was Jen Glantz, back in 2014, who became the very first professional bridesmaid. 

The evolving concept of the bridesmaid seems to be shifting away from the original one. The professional bridesmaid is there for the bride and makes sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan during the wedding day. 

Her main duties are to offer whatever assistance the bride needs. Apart from that, she is pleasant and tries to maintain peace in the family, with emotions under control. As is true with all professions, career bridesmaids must continuously update themselves and improve their style and service with each wedding they handle. 

Tiffany Wright, a professional bridesmaid in England, claims to earn £125 an hour. 

The cost of hiring Jen Glantz starts at $150 and can reach up to $2000. 

Does it sounds attractive enough for you to become another profesional in the field? 

If you like wedding atmosphere and don’t mind the preparation chaos, don’t wait any longer and start your research right now. 

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