Unusual Professions: Food Stylist

Do you remember sitting in a local pub going through the menu and viewing photos of dishes that were anything but appetising? Now it’s a rather funny memory that  belongs to the past. Today, when many of the blogs dedicated to cooking have fairly high-quality photos, it is a given that food photos must be done well. Nevertheless, foodstylists  are still very much in demand, at least in the big company sector. Businesses do realize that beautiful and appetising pictures of food are absolutely essentials to boosting sales. Among those can be restaurants, food manufaturers, and also supermarkets with leaflets along with recipe booklets for their customers. All photography must be to a high standard.

You may believe that arranging food must be easy. In reality it is simply not. Becoming a Foodstylist calls for patience, a passion for food, and knowledge of  the tricks required to achieve the desired result. Commonly, many of those  perfect-looking images are taken using undercooked meat or vegetables. Why? The process of cooking does influence the volume of food, and also the colour and the texture. Shooting frozen products such as ice cream, also ice cubes, often goes along with using substitutes like artificial ice. The strong lights used in a studio generate a lot of heat and can ruin the product completely in minutes. And  as regards the other tricks of the trade, such as glue, toothpicks, thread or wax, these are to take a grip on restless material…. and therefore are not suitable for eating. With some exceptions, of course, all the splendor usually ends up uncompromisingly in the trash can – all made just for the photo session.

As I have indicated, a career in Foodstyling does not require a specialized degree, although it is frequently a next step after becoming a cook or a chef. Anybody who is creative, patient, and has a weakness for the detailed work of arranging food can enter the Foodstylist profession. Foodstylists often closely cooperate with photographers, but it can also be two professions in one.

Tricks from Food-stylist

The salary can vary, the average is about $ 40,890. 

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