Martina Advaney

Martina Advaney is an experienced writer on a wide range of subjects including finance and diversity. She also interviews experts in a wide array of professions.

Cities You Need to Visit in Mexico

Even though Mexico is portrayed by the media as a dangerous place, most people are relatively safe and some of the cities are among the most gorgeous in the world.

Best Cities In The World – Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is special, Prague is a magical city, it’s the country of Bohemian culture and more. There are many adjectives attached to this nation in Central Europe with…

The Most Beautiful Cities in Italy

The main tourist cities to visit in Italy are certainly beautiful, but there's more to the country than what you've seen in history textbooks.

The Pandemic And Cryptocurrencies

I have heard many young adults say, it’s not just an investment, it’s our future. There are even reports of a 9 and and 12 year-old sister and brother mining…

Work That Gives You Peace Of Mind

Last week a major publication reported about a finance expert in his 30s employed with one of the leading investment banks, chucking up his job to learn how to grow…