Unusual Professions – Cruise Ship Staff

Compared to working with airlines, fewer individuals think of working on cruise ships and extremely few women actually join cruis lines.

The positions are many, right from stewards, stewardesses, casino staff, carnival staff, radio operators, beauty, spa, hairdressing, fitness, deck crew, engine department staff, IT, medical staff, photographers and the list goes on. 

The work is surely interesting and the stopovers allow for learning many cultures. 

I also know of a few individuals who have used the stopovers not only to see different parts of the world, learn the cultures which is an education in itself,  but also the business requirements of different countries and have utilized their jobs as a launching pad to establish their own international trading business taking advantage of the stopovers to build contacts.

The positions can be both, time bound such as a three month contract and long term. 

Qualification : 

Given the diversity of of the professions, the qualifications have therefore to match the work.

Remuneration :

This usuall begins at 35,000 $ and goes right upto 2,50,000 $ per year for some of the cruise ship captains.

Cruise Ship Vacancies

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