Unusual Professions: Brilliant Gemologist

While on the most popular career list for 2016,  dominate professions related mailny to the areas of IT and medicine, such as Network System Analysts, Programmer, Software Engineer; Physician, Medical Assistant, Veterinary Technicians, Physician and Surgeon and so on..., there are occupations, which are quite interesting and fetch good income.  These are lesser known areas and consequenty have lesser competition. In this series, every Wednesday at 16:00 CET, we would like to introduce you to those professions worth more than just a good look. 


Discovering the breathtaking world of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry with certified courses.

Course to study: e.g.  Gemstones; Diamonds; Gem Identification; Pearls, Jade, Opal and many others.

Where to study: e.g. Gemmological Association of Great Britain, Gemological Institute of America, Birmingham City University… find out more.

What can you do as a qualified gemologist? : Lab Gemologist, Gemstone Appraiser, Gem Manufacturing – Cutting and Designing, Gemstone Jeweler, Auction Gemologist.

Salary: $22,000.00 to $75,000.00 depending on the level of expertise and experience.

The salary is comparable with the work of an IT Manager, Electrician, QA/QC Inspector…

“ Additionally, once qualified and in possession of knowledge,  if you have the spirit of an adventurer you could go independent, travel to exotic countries such as Myanmar, Thailand, the African continent including Madagascar, Sri Lanka and many others, pick up rough gems at  throw away prices, sometimes even directly from the mines and make a tidy profit selling them as they are, or even a sizable profit; selling them after they’ve been cut and polished”

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