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Hungary, since the 14th century has had a tradition of higher education. Whatever the present political climate, the country attracts foreign students from more than 100 countries across the world. Admittedly, 75 percent of these are from the neighbouring countries but students from as far as the African continent also study here.

The population pyramid of the country is probably the most irregular compared with most of Europe. From close to 11 million in the 1980’s the population has already dropped to 9.7 million and this number is expected to decrease to well below 7 million by the end of the current century. The birth rate is 9.5 percent per 1000 and the death rate close to 13 percent. Given various factors the percentage of the retired population keeps growing.

Hungarian parliament, Budapest

On account of this the government tried to promote the idea that the young work 6 days a week instead of 5 in order to support the economy. Obviously, this was not viewed favourably. From the viewpoint of an international student who wants to work part time while learning, the situation throws up opportunities. Students are allowed to work 4 hours a day and during holidays they can work full time. The minimum wage is 926 Forints per hour working out to 2.75 Euros at the time this article is being written.

The Cost of Living

The average expense of a student should be 700 Euros per month inclusive of shared accommodations with a little left out for the occasional outings. This, apart from the approximately 2,000 Euros an international student must pay towards tuition.

Budapest, comprises two areas across the Danube river. While Buda is hilly, Pest is mostly flatlands. This capital city is home to what might be the most spas in a single city in the world. With those abundance of thermal springs some of the spas date back to the Roman times. It has one of the most magnificent opera houses and the city also holds an extraordinarily large music festival during August which is attended by over 400,000.

Central Market Hall of Budapest, Hungary

Universities in Budapest

As always, here are the public universities and it is recommended that you visit the website of each one of them to determine the courses most suited to you :

Budapest Business School
Official website

Corvinus University of Budapest
Official website

The Hungarian University of Fine Arts
Official website

Eotvos Lorand University
Official website

Liszt Academy
Official website

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
Official website

University of Veterinary Medicine
Official website

Obuda University
Official website

Semmelweis University
Official website

University of Theatre and Film Arts
Official website

Student Life in Budapest

Student Life in Budapest

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