United Kingdom has a very thriving start-up scene

United Kingdom has a very thriving start-up scene, having one of the main 'Financial Centres' of the world as a capital city, as well as being one of the top-destinations with the some of the best universtities in the world, for sure the potential and the space for launching new ideas and start-ups may be way much easier , adding here the industrial and technological tradition that 'The Island' have for sure makes sense why it is listed as one of the main Start-up Hubs of the world. Here we have listed 7 from the long-list of start-ups that are taking the scene of start-up culture in UK.


Frugl aims to provide the best that London has to offer for those on a budget. Check out the app for under-the-radar events by date/price/location. Search London’s most popular going out areas or closer to where you are. So the next time you are wondering what to do, just frugl it!

Student Mundia


Student Mundial helps international and erasmus students to find the ideal accommodation when they go to a new city for short- or long-term. To make students accommodation and housemate search a smooth and simple procedure, by providing you with the option to view and book online, or the opportunity to arrange to visit your potential new house or flat.


Zealify is the best way to discover a career that you are passionate about in a company that you will love. Showcasing selected, exciting companies through visual, multimedia profiles, job hunters can discover jobs with companies where they’re a perfect fit.


Thriev is the first zero-emissions chauffeured service in the UK. Our revolutionary corporate transportation service provides a low-cost, environmentally friendly alternative to high emission travel.

Their cutting edge fleet combines carbon neutral technology with a high quality chauffeured service to create a unique customer experience.


This platform has connected over 500,000 people to top rated dentists all over the UK. Search NHS and private dentists, read reviews and compare prices.

Booking a dentist now takes less than a minute with all the information you need to make the right choice. Reviews, pricing and clinic and dentist profiles are available as well as live appointment availability.


Pointr is the leading provider of indoor positioning and navigation using a GPS like system based on BluetoothLE, with analytics and messaging features.

The SDK is built to work seamlessly on Android and Apple devices either by standalone app or integration in an existing app. Pointr makes setup, configuration and use very quick and easy thanks to a simple UI and smart backend.

Parcel Bright 

ParcelBright enables small ecommerce stores to easily deliver multiple packages very quickly. Whilst at the same time providing discounts of up to 70% off their delivery prices. The more you send the more you save, they automatically unlock additional discounts when you reach greater volume levels. This platform allows their customers to return the item for the same price it cost for you to send it.

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