Two in Two – The Same Acting Couple in Two Movies

There are movies where the female and male leads find no chemistry between themselves. Some go even further down the road to hate each other in a real life. Nothing of that sort plays out in our weekend movie picks, though. These couples interact well enough for directors to cast them repeatedly as a couples in their films. Plenty to watch and compare at the weekend.

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford 

She was beautiful, he was mysterious, and sparks flew between them. After many years, with both now in their 80s, their vitality hasn’t faded much, and the dazzle remains. Jane Fonda evolves from an insistent journalist, Hallie, chasing an exclusive story about a fading rodeo star, Sonny, in The Electric Horseman, to an elderly widow, Addie, trying to deal with loneliness her own way, in the company, of course, of Robert Redford, as Louis, in the movie Our Souls at Night.

The Electric Horseman

Our Souls at Night

Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks 

Respect for each other, self-confidence, and exceptional acting are the qualities that Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks share. A comical satire of one historic moment from the Afghan-Soviet war, that is Charlie Wilson’s War. Tom Hanks in the role of a well known Texas congresman, Charlie Wilson, and Julia Roberts as political activist, businesswoman and diplomat, Joanne Herring, who persuades Wilson to urge the US government to intervene in the Afghan conflict by arming and training the Mujahideen resistance fighters to defend themselves.

Larry Crowne is quite a different cup of tea. 

A dismissal from work starts a parade of changes for the heretofore succesful middle-aged supermarket manager, Larry. Rooted in a mortgaged lifestyle, without any spice in his life, he decides to go back to school to boost his future job opportunities. And from there the story leads to one shift after another.

Charlie Wilson’s War 

Larry Crowne

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling 

There is a definite chemistry between these two. 

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a comedy of several intertwined relationships. Cal is 40, his wife just told him she wanted to divorce him; and he, heartbroken, anchors himself in a bar to cry about his screwed up life and his uncertain future prospects. There he comes across Jacob (Ryan Gosling) – a lounge lizzard – who hooks up with him to train him in the techniques of seducing women. Until Hannah (Emma Stone) comes into the picture and shakes the ground beneath Jacob’s carefree, shallow life. 

And their charisma dazzled again in outstanding performances in the highly rated and multiple award-winning musical La La Land, from last year.

Crazy, Stupid, Love 

 La La Land 

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper 

Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany  and Bradley Cooper in the role of Pat. When two depressed people meet each other, their lives get even more complicated in Silver Linings Playbook.

Yet another film couple whose chemistry is palpable. And what acting. 

Serena, on the other hand, is a psychological drama set in the forest industry. Serena marries a succesful businessman, and her life seems to be set, except that there is one past secret that is emerging into the present.

Silver Linings Playbook


Photo: IMDB

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