Trip To Italy – Five Movies Set On The Apennines

The end of summer will be marked by sun, and so will be our weekly movie offer. This time we have selected easy-to-watch films shot under Italy’s blue skies so that you can still get a welcome feel of summer.

Italian for Beginners 

Five lonely people in Denmark make the decision, independently of each other, to take beginner Italian, little suspecting that the class will turn out to be more then just language lessons.  The class proves to be a life-changer and takes them further then just to an Italian holiday.

Only You 

Believing in destiny has its pros and cons, especially if you know your future husband´s name before you even hit puberty.  This is exactly what happens to Faith (Marisa Tomei). As a young girl she learned her destiny from crystal ball, and even though she has meanwhile become engaged and has forgotten about the whole thing, when a stranger on the phone introduces himself as Damon Bradley (Robert Downey Jr.), common sense is flung aside and an Italian courtship can begin.

Tea with Mussolini 

Florence in 1935. Italy is about to go to war, but it is still fascinating and attractive for English people who have discovered a new home there. Bringing their British traditions, habits, and fashions, meeting for afternoon tea each day, they are enjoying themselves and sorting out their little problems, until the day when they must be considered enemy aliens and must be deported from the country. The ladies, however, don´t want to be separated.  A movie with an all-star cast, including Cher and Judy Dench.

It Started in Naples 

Clark Gable and Sophia Loren are uncle and aunt to a nine-year-old boy who has lost his parents and now has too many relatives who want to raise him. Unfortunately, each of them lives on a different continent. Slowly, the two rivals grow close to each other. All against the backdrop of beautiful, sunny Naples.

Il Postino

What do a local Italian postman and a famous Chilean author have in common? More than you would think. Arriving on a small Italian island in the 1950s, the writer Pablo Neruda gives the postman Mario Ruoppolo a lot by teaching him about poetry in a way that will eventually bring him not just the woman he loves, but also a wider general outlook and worldview.

Photo: IMDB

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