Top 6 Things to Know Before Traveling to Tulum in 2022

If you are a regular traveler you must know that Tulum, Mexico, is  becoming one of the fastest-growing must-visit beach destinations. People love its sunny weather, white-sand beaches, and warm, […]

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If you are a regular traveler you must know that Tulum, Mexico, is  becoming one of the fastest-growing must-visit beach destinations. People love its sunny weather, white-sand beaches, and warm, aquamarine waters. Once you are there you will know why tourists are flocking to this beautiful tropical paradise. You will find so much to do in this stunning coastal town.

Tulum boasts archeological ruins, crystal-clear cenotes, exotic jungles, fantastic nightlife, as well as delicious local foods to taste there. You will find it pleasing to stay in a luxurious hotel as well as in a normal one since all of them offer great sceneries and services. As this place has so much to offer, you will never feel bored with any dull moments. Keep reading to know everything about your trip to Tulum to enjoy your time at its best.


The Best Time to Visit Tulum

The best time to visit Tulum is between November and December. It’s the time when you can enjoy the benefits and beauty of post-hurricane-season breezes. You will find the hotel prices reasonable as well. If you visit at other times of the year you will experience how wide the price range is.

Try to avoid traveling here from January to March as it becomes the most crowded time of the year. To enjoy the best weather, you need to avoid June, September and October too. These months have the highest rainfall. So, pick the time considering all aspects to enjoy your trip as much as you can.

Where to Stay in Tulum

When you are in Tulum, you have several options for accommodation. You can pick whatever you are comfortable with such as eco-friendly lodges, five-star luxury hotels, or laid-back hostels. If you want to stay in a luxurious one, hotels like La Valise Hotel or Mi Amor Boutique Hotel will be a great choice.


For mid-range budget hotels, you may choose between Pepem Eco-Luxury Hotel or Suenos Tulum. They are nice places to have a good time. If you are looking for budget-friendly hotels and hostels and your age is something around 20, you might prefer picking one like the Hotel Chill Kanil, or the Straw Hat Hostel and Rooftop Bar. Do proper research and book a room where you will feel comfortable. If you’re still not sure where to stay in Tulum, a reliable website like The Nomadvisor can help.

Activities to Enjoy in Tulum

Cenote Calavera, Cenote Zacil Ha, Caleta Tankah, Tulum Ruins, Kaan Luum Lagoon, Cenote Corazon, and the beaches are the best attractions of Tulum, Mexico. You can enjoy visiting the places to enjoy various activities such as floating in a Cenote, diving into the Gran Cenote, bar hopping in Downtown Tulum or having a party on the beach, going swimming in the Caribbean, etc.

When you are there do not forget to watch the turtles in their natural habitat and pay a visit to the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka’an. Cool yourself with a sweet treat while roaming around. Cycling is a great way to visit the shops and stores around the town. Enjoy everything you can to make your trip worthwhile.


Foods to enjoy in Tulum

The thing you might like the best while visiting Tulum is that you get to sample some delicious and mouthwatering local cuisine. You will find top-class beachfront restaurants to peaceful and relaxed vegan cafes and restaurants nestled in a tropical garden in Tulum. Ceviche, Tacos al Pastor, Sopa de Lima, Cochinita Pibil, and Yucatecan Antojitos are the top five foods to taste when you are in Tulum. Do not miss a single one so that you do not have to regret it later.

Panuchos, Salbutes, Poc-Chuc, Cochinita Pibil, Papadzules, Queso Relleno, etc. are some popular foods as well. Food in Tulum is unique to taste as it shows a wide blend of cultural influences such as Mayan, Spanish, Yucatecan, and even Danish. You can enjoy authentic Mexican as well as Yucatecan cuisine when you are in Tulum.

What to Pack for Tulum

As you can enjoy warm and tropical weather here, you do not need your winter jacket for your trip to Tulum. Pack something lightweight and breathable for maximum comfort. If you love partying, then make sure you have packed appropriate clothes for it.  Keep beach cover-ups and sufficient bathing suits as a must. Do not forget to take your sunglasses as well as reef-safe sunscreen, as they will be your all-time companion.

If buzzing buggers are a nuisance to you, you must carry eco-friendly mosquito repellent. Spending your beach vacation while itching and scratching can ruin your mood as well as your happy time. Remember to carry an adapter too if you don’t want your camera or phone dying on you while you are enjoying your time in tropical Tulum. List and count all the items in your baggage to have a perfect travel time.

 Basic Things to Know Before Visiting Tulum

The basics thing to know before traveling to Tulum is as follows:

  • Weather: Temperatures in Tulum are average between 23 and 32 °C (75-90 °F) throughout the year. May till October is mostly muggy, hot, and often the rainy season in Tulum, Mexico. July and August can be said as the hottest months of the year. At that time the temperature sits at around 28 °C (82 °F).


  • Language: The locals speak Spanish as the predominant language since it is a Mexican coastal town. However, you will find almost everyone working inside the tourism industry can communicate in English.


  • Money: In Tulum, the local currency is the Mexican peso. For payment options, cash is used the most. Though some shops and restaurants might accept US dollars, it will be best to carry Pesos so that you do not have to pay more than you should.


Final Thoughts

Tulum is a wonderful place to enjoy your vacation. Make sure you do the preparation properly before you visit there to enjoy your time peacefully with your family and yourself.

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