Three Self-Help Books to Read While Traveling

Traveling by train is an excellent occasion to read something you have long wanted to find the time to read. I always bring a book or two with me to read during train trips, and it’s never been a bad idea. The quiet on the train makes it perfect for people to read self-help books and gather some insightful ideas.

Heal Your Broken Heart with Three Self-Help Books

Youth Time Magazine has prepared for you three self-help books to heal your broken hearts in aim to try to solve the worst problems in your life.

Courage – Debbie Ford

As an introverted person, I fought for many years against my true nature, thinking that it was my biggest flaw. My whole life, I thought something was deeply wrong with me.

Reading this book on how to get the courage to be yourself and to love yourself helped me a lot. I finally understood that there is nothing wrong with me and that there are lots of people like me.

Courage, by Debbie Ford, took me on a fantastic adventure where I found out it’s not that difficult to have self-confidence and to try new things.

I loved this book so much that I read it twice for a deeper understanding. Debbie Ford has a friendly, parental way of writing, and every story or joke helps you to understand how easy it is to believe in yourself and change your whole life.


The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman

Everybody has been disappointed in love, and we all know how difficult it is to cope with it. Self-help begins by knowing more about the relationship. We live in a world where relationships are everywhere, and we must know all there is to know to have better relationships with the people around us.

Reading this book has made me realize how many differences there are between people. Some love by offering supportive words, giving presents, spending quality time, touching, or offering services, while others do it differently.

By reading this book, I found out which language is mine and what mistakes I have made in the past.

The ideas Gary Chapman is transmitting and the book’s straightforward language – buttressed by sharply detailed examples – make this a perfect read.

We all need some relationship advice, whether respecting our friends, colleagues, relatives, or loved ones.

When people understand what type of love the partner desires, what he or she seeks, and what you seek or expect from your romantic counterparts, then this epiphany can change your life.

Knowing what to offer to your partner to make him or her feel loved and can save a marriage from divorce or a relationship from breaking up.


Live Alone and Like It – Marjorie Hills

Although this book was written way back in 1936, the ideas and advice are still relevant. Women are breaking up with their partners every day, and it’s always difficult to cope with that.

Being alone after getting out of a long relationship can be heartbreaking and overwhelming. Not many women know how to get through this tough period of their lives with their heads up.

In these moments of intense solitude, a woman tends to lose her self confidence, and she needs help to recover. It’s difficult for her to see and acknowledge her own qualities when she’s depressed, but it’s not impossible.

A person who loves herself or himself is perfectly capable of making another person happy, and this is the way to go about moving forward.

First, you have to love yourself, then love other people.

This little book proves the old saying: strong essences are kept in small bottles, and you will find valuable life lessons and pieces of advice inside this small volume.

A person who is not afraid of solitude will simply glow when he or she gets social, and people will see it immediately. When you are up for a light and relaxing book to read on the train, this is the perfect book for you.

Marjorie Hills offers the reader a fair amount of small but substantial pieces of self-confidence, and in the end, every woman will feel better about being alone.

For me, the self-help topic covers more than one domain:  love, courage, self-confidence, relationships – these elements are all essential and worth developing into something better.

Good books have a unique way of growing their way up in your mind and heart and staying there for years.

Those three self-help books will help you to move forward, so start reading and helping yourself, if you don’t do it, nobody else will do it instead of you.

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