Think Positive – Five Movies That Will Change Your Life

The recommended movies for this week have a power that might change something in your life and mind. These movies range from a smart French comedy through a poetical Korean circle of life movie to a couple of award-winning time lapse films. Open your mind and watch these breathtaking motion pictures.

Peaceful Warrior 

An excellent film adaptation of the eponymous autobiographical book by Dan Millman. Millman tells the story of his transformation from a former top-level athlete into a “peaceful warrior” after the accident that changed it all.


The Green Beautiful

Mila is an alien who volunteers to visit the planet Earth during a regular yearly meeting of her people. They are far more advanced than the people on the Earth and generally feel little inclination to become involved with the trivial terrestrial problems there. Mila has a reason to go – she is half from the Earth, and she wishes to see where she comes from. She soon finds out that people there are not easy to understand – for one thing they still use money, pollute their air and water, and with all the dogs‘ deposits of excrement there is nowhere to step on the streets. Fortunately Mila has some tricks to make things better. This movie is an absolutely top notch spectacle. If you like French sarcasm and you think that humankind is little bit laughable in its way, you shouldn’t miss this film.



This artistically refined documentary is a counterpoise to the previous movie – it celebrates life in all its forms and, accompanied by captivating music, becomes a grand narrative testimony to the species, history, present, peoples, and cultures of humankind, sometimes engaging, at other times disturbing, but always moving.


A time lapse movie, Samsara is associated with the same director-producer team as the previous film, Baraka. Translated from Sanskrit, Sansara means the ever-moving wheel of life, and over a five year period the creators found themselves captivated by the very ephemeral moments in life that have the power to shape our lives. Again this is a film without words, which does not impoverish it but rather, to the contrary, elevates it into the category of unforgettable motion pictures.

Spring, summer, fall, winter – and spring

Kim Ki-duk and his poetical film about passing seasons which metaphorically represent the human condition. Spring, summer, fall, winter – and spring means change in Kim Ki-duk‘s work. The movie flows smoothly with a minimum of words and concentrates on meaning, slow motion, and images.

Photo: IMDB

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