The World’s Best Smallest Hotels

Sometimes great things come in small packages and with some of the smallest hotels, the size can bring a great experience.

Many comments have been made about small things such as the best things come in small packages, small can be extraordinary, small can mean a whole lot more, and that you notice small things more etc.

Let’s see what some of the smallest hotels in the world have to offer.


Eh’hausl Hotel 

Since 2008 this hotel has been listed on as the smallest in the world and is meant to accommodate just two guests. 

The hotel is in the German town of Amberg which is by the Vils river on the foothills of the Franconian Jura mountains with the Bavarian forest close by too. 

All of this and the fact that it’s quite luxurious makes it an ideal hotel for honeymooners. 

The hotel has quite an interesting history going back to the times when couples had to prove home ownership to be able to get permission to be married. 

Many couples, in succession, bought this tiny home to prove eligibility and once married they would sell it to the next husband and wife to be. 

It’s not known how many times it changed hands.


Hotel Des Academies Et Des Arts 

This ultra charming hotel is in the heart of Paris and is very close to the famed Luxembourg Gardens and the exclusive location of Montparnasse. 

The hotel has just 20 rooms, each one different, some built for the needs of couples and others for small families. 

According to some major publications the hotel is on the top floor of Modigliani’s studio. 

Whether that’s a fact or not, the hotel is right in front of the acclaimed Academie de la Grande Chaumiere and within less than a four-kilometre pleasant walk to the Champs-Elysees.


Hotel Puntagrande 

This four-room hotel is for adults only. Situated on the cliff of lava rock with all rooms facing the ocean they correctly advertise that you will have the feeling of being at the end of the world. 

The hotel is about 200 kilometres further away from Tenerife on the tiny island of El Hierro in the Atlantic Ocean. 

This island has an average high temperature of over 23 degrees. The population is close to 11,000 so you won’t feel alone once you leave the hotel. 

The island experienced some seismic activity in 2011. If you’re lucky – or unlucky depending on your point of view – you might experience some gentle tremors. 

This island, the same as all of the Canary Islands, is a much sought after tourist destination and also has a small airport and a ferry service with connections to Tenerife. 

The island is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve which is a programme launched by UNESCO for the improvement of the relationship between people and the environment.


Grand Hotel de Kromme Raake 

Converted to a fairly luxurious hotel from what once was a shop, the hotel is in the quaint village of Eenrum about two hours drive from Amsterdam. 

The village falls in a major motorcycle racing circuit and also hosts many domestic and international conferences. A short walk takes you to the coast of the North Sea.


One Room Hotel 

This very exclusive hotel is housed in the television tower in Prague.

Since it is 70 meters above the ground the hotel offers you sweeping views of all of the city. Zizkov, where it’s located was once a working class neighbourhood and today has transformed itself into chic and trendy despite the look of the locality not changing much since the revolution. 

The Worlds Best Smallest Hotels 1
Room With A View: Stay in the tower in Zizkov, Prague

A short walk takes you to any number of pubs and restaurants in the area and to Vitkov Hill. 

Even though the hotel offers you a little self driven Mercedes as an added service, you may want to enjoy traveling by tram which takes you to the city centre in a few minutes and avoid the hassles of finding a parking place.


Life is Good 

This is another hotel where you will be the only guest in Noord-Brabant in Holland which is closer to Antwerp than to Amsterdam. 

Conveniently situated, Noord-Brabant or as commonly called Brabant, is home to several football clubs and is within a convenient driving distance to Antwerp, Amsterdam, The Hague and Brussels.

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