The Promising And Rewarding Career Of A Vintner

The UN estimates that the world's population grows every year and will reach 9.7 billion by 2050. Meanwhile, countries like China and India are switching their drinking habits from beer and spirits to wine.  These are just two explanations for the growth of wine consumption worldwide, with wine imports from traditional wine regions like France and Italy increasing year by year.  It is no surprise, therefore, that countries that have recently become large consumers of wine are making efforts to produce wine locally, giving rise to a growing need for people trained in the field. 

A vintner is in the profession of making wine, cooperating closely with the other professionals in the field.  His responsibilities include deciding about the right time for harvesting and then supervising the crushing and pressing of the grapes, fermenting, settling the juice, bottling, and also marketing, including on-site sales and organizing winery tours.  The vintner must understand the chemistry of wine making and must have knowledge of the botany and biology of the grapes.  Physical fitness is also required, since the vintner will do work that is physically demanding during the harvest season.  Average salaries of approximately $100 000 compensate vintners well for the serious work that they do.
The education required of a vintner varies and depends on the circumstances. While a University degree is not always required, it is advisable to have one since it opens a wider range of options.  To learn the techniques and challenges of wine production, the chemical processes related to preparing the grapes is not just important, but crucial to the proper delivery of each batch of wine.  There are several schools that offer programs at varying levels (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degrees).  Another step essential to becoming a master in the field of wine production can be receiving a license (especially if you decide to run your own business), and the alcohol production regulations vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. 
Course to study: Oenology or viticulture
Where to study: some Universities offer online courses (e.g. European Wine Academy, University of California, Davis, Washington State University)
What can you do as a qualified Vintner?  You can  work as a specialist in a large or small winery at various locations around the world. It is also possible to start your own business.  
Salary: An average salary of $100 000, you can check the attached chart
In addition: wine-making areas tend to be exceptionally special and attractive regions. Experts in the field generally find that it becomes a life-long passion.  The almost magical process of making wine rewards people in the business with prestige, honor, and admiration.
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