The Most Photographed Landmarks Of The World

With the explosion in the numbers of those travelling and also the great upsurge in the number of smartphone and social media users, certain habits have got established relating to the kind of pictures being taken. Sony Mobile revealed their research #XperiaNewPerspectives on the most photographed spots on Earth. And the results? Check out with us.

47% of Instagram users said they were bored of seeing the same three shots over and over again. About the half of the top 30 landmarks are photographed following the three angles concept. Some fresh inspiration wouldn’t do any harm. 

Here are the top 10 photographed landmarks with fresher execution.

1 Eiffel Tower, France 

Photo: Flickr – Blair-39

2 Big Ben, UK 

Photo: Flickr – Hernán Piñera 

3 The Louvre, France 

Photo: zoetnet 

4 Empire State Building, USA

Photo: Helen Alfvegren 

5 Burj Khalifa, UAE


6 Notre Dame Cathedral, France

Photo: Flickr – Adrian Scottow 

7 St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

Photo: Flickr – mattias hill 

8 Times Square, USA 

Photo: Flickr – m01229 

9 Sagrada Familia, Spain

Photo: Flickr – Jaume Escofet 

10 Colosseum, Italy

Photo: Flickr – Chris Yunker

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